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Using Crystals to Support Weight Loss, Dieting, and Emotional Stability


Reprogramming Your Mind and Body for Healthy Habits

Just understanding how unhealthy foods affect you is enough reason to leave them behind. But how do you avoid the challenges and cravings that come with detoxing? It’s all about reprogramming your habits.

Your mind and body have become accustomed to the highs triggered by certain foods. When you remove those foods, your body will signal its need for them. Instead of giving in to those urges, replace unhealthy highs with healthier alternatives. Meditation and exercise are better options that provide long-lasting energy without the crash caused by poor nutrition. To establish new patterns, elevate your mindset, and manage emotional responses during this transition, crystals for weight loss can be beneficial.

Using Crystals for Weight Loss, Dieting, and Motivation

The most effective crystals for weight loss and dieting are those with high-vibrational energy that promotes motivation, positivity, intention setting, breaking negative cycles, and emotional stability. Combining these stones can enhance the success of your diet.

Incorporating Crystals into a Yoga Workout

During your yoga workout, you can try using a combination of crystals. Yoga helps during transformational periods by redirecting your focus away from unhealthy urges. To stabilize your metabolism and bring balance to your body and mind, position crystals that promote light and positivity at the head of your yoga mat. Selenite can banish negativity, while fluorite facilitates a smooth transition from chaos to mental and emotional clarity. At the bottom of the mat, place crystals for stability, such as Black Onyx for protection, Hematite for grounding, and Black Tourmaline for release. During savasana, place an Amethyst over your third eye to relieve stress, a Rose Quartz on your heart for love, and a Clear Quartz crystal to program your exercise and its natural highs as the new norm.

Meditating with Crystals for Motivation

Another option is to meditate with crystals to stay motivated and reprogram your mindset. A combination of Blue Apatite, Selenite, and Sunstone is especially helpful for reinforcing your diet. Sunstone empowers you to overcome cravings and emotional outbursts while setting new life plans. Blue Apatite deepens your meditation, determination, and manifestation capabilities. It is also known to promote weight loss, stimulate metabolism, and increase motivation. Selenite becomes your trusted ally during the emotional adjustment phase of a new healthy eating regime. Clear your energy and emotional body each night with the help of Selenite by placing it over your chest during meditation. Place Sunstone at the solar plexus chakra and hold a piece of Blue Apatite in each hand.

Create Crystal-Infused Water Elixirs

When dieting, especially when cutting out sugar, staying hydrated is crucial. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out toxins and keep your body hydrated. Craving sugar might actually be a sign that your body needs water. Make hydration more enjoyable by creating crystal-infused water elixirs based on your intentions for the day.

Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz are excellent choices for elixirs. Hold the crystals in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize your goals and intentions. Imagine the crystals filling your body with loving pink and white light. Place them in a mason jar of filtered water and leave it in the sun for 2-4 hours to absorb the energy. Then, enjoy your crystal-infused water! Remember to cleanse your crystals thoroughly before using them in water and be cautious when experimenting with different crystal combinations.

Don’t Forget to Clear the Energy

Before and during your shift to intentional eating, sage your living space to clear the energy of the past. Creating a fresh space allows new habits and intentions to form.

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