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Simplified Guide to Storing and Energizing Crystals


Crystals are amazing tools that can help you focus your intentions and recharge your energy. If you’ve ever wondered how to store your crystals or how to cleanse and charge them, you’re not alone. Many crystal enthusiasts have the same questions. Taking care of your crystals and optimizing their energy can be a part-time job, but with this guide, we’ll make it easier for you to care for your crystals and take your crystal practice to the next level.

Crystal Storage: How to keep your crystals organized

Instead of letting your crystals clutter your space and create a mess, there are simple ways to store them and keep them organized. These storage options not only keep your crystals and jewelry in order but also allow you to display them, making it easier to interact with them daily. By keeping your crystals out in the open, yet neat, you can fill your space with positive energy, high vibrations, and healing energies. Moreover, crystals love being near each other and drawing energy from one another. Here are some favorite ways to store your crystals:

1. Wood Tray or Bowl

Use a wooden tray or bowl to maintain your crystals’ natural healing powers. It adds an earthy and grounding element to your home environment, preserving the crystals’ energies.

2. Brass or Metal Bowls

Brass has a purifying effect and emits high vibrations. Placing your stones and tools in a crystal-etched brass bowl or a Flower of Life brass bowl ensures that your crystals are fully charged and ready to support your intentions.

3. Selenite Bowls

Selenite crystals have the ability to cleanse and charge energy. They are connected to the energy of light and vibrate at a high frequency. A Selenite bowl not only cleanses your crystals but also fills your space with positive energy, enhancing the effectiveness of your intentions.

Energy Amplifiers: Tools to enhance your crystals

In addition to storing your crystals properly, there are other small steps you can take to enhance their performance and support your crystal practice. Here are some essential energy tools and how to use them:

1. Crystal Candles

Light a crystal candle at the beginning of your crystal practice or before setting an intention. The flame activates your practice and signals your energetic readiness to the universe. Crystal candles are also beneficial for lunar rituals and can significantly impact your monthly moon intentions.

2. Incense and Clearing Herbs

Use clearing herbs and incense regularly to clear and cleanse your personal energy field and your crystals. This ensures that they are energetically optimized and vibrating at their highest frequency. It is recommended to clear your stones at least once every 30 days or whenever you set a new intention. Clearing your own energy with incense or herbs is also important before each new intention-setting or manifestation practice.

3. Selenite Charging Plates

If you want to amplify the power of specific stones for manifesting or actualizing goals, write your intention on a piece of paper and place it along with your crystals on a Selenite charging plate. This supercharges your crystals and intentions during your practice, even when you’re not actively using them.

4. Copper Charging Pyramid

Placing your crystals and jewelry underneath a Copper Pyramid enhances the cleansing process and amplifies their energy. The pyramid shape transforms heavy and negative energy into light and positive energy. Copper, being a powerful energy conductor, attracts Earth’s energies and pulses the highest frequencies. Create a nightly routine of placing your crystals and jewelry under the copper pyramid to cleanse, recharge, and restore their energy.

5. Crystal-infused Oils

Enhance the energy of your crystals by applying crystal-infused oils. Choose an oil that aligns with your goal or intention and rub it onto your crystals, crystal jewelry, and even your own skin. The blend of energies elevates the power of your crystals and deepens the connection between your intentions and the crystals.

By following these simple techniques for storing and energizing your crystals, you can make the most of their healing properties and improve your crystal practice. Enjoy the benefits of these beautiful and powerful energy tools!

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