Magnetic Energy Paradigms That Enhances Effective Leadership Trait And Life Skills Spirit

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De-clutter your negative thoughts and lousy excuses and build a strong foundation of resilience depth within. The process will exponentially increase your social impact, leadership persona and construct a pyramid of success.

Have you ever come across such people who possess a charismatic appearance and when they walk into your space or pass by you, all head turns! We might have no idea how they balance and maintain themselves to create a great social impact or is it a God gifted personality but whatever it is, they are immensely magnetic to attract people towards them. We don’t have to measure their leadership skills from nose-to-mouth. It is not specifically due to their clothes to color ratio, it is their thought process which flouts stereotypes, which has created a delineated territory to avoid mixing themselves into the crowd, their creativity is incredible and thus it is highly captivating in the eye of the people who belong to the crowd.

A real leader radiates an energy of “Power” and “Authority”, who’s voice roars like a lion, who sounds genuine, whose presence enchants, who leaves a great impact on you, who is clear and keeps frequent communication, who takes over your heart and mind and inspires you to transform for the good.

But ever wondered how?

“Leadership is bound with “Magnetic” force-field of Energy”

Yes! There are some invincible extra paraphernalia which adds bonus to their persona, for instance – Their energy, their vibes and their aura speaks on behalf of them. Leadership is bound with a phenomenal magnetic force-field of energy, that people sense and get attracted towards. A true leader’s energy has the potential to influence behavior of others. No matter what, such people will always be forthright and rebellious with their own opinions which makes them more magnetic. A culture of a company starts with the skills of a great leader, how magnetic and irresistible they are. With their own set of rules and quirky actions, leaders are the main catalyst who ignite the power of togetherness. A magnetic leader creates such an atmosphere that keeps accelerating top performances in an organization, as he/she passionately engages employees to embark upon implementation of indestructible strategies and achieving objectives.

Magnetic Leader who ignites the power of togetherness

But then! Even they are humans, how do they keep recharging their supernova energy?

Here are some of the Compelling Magnetic Energies that influences leadership traits and life skills spirit.


It all starts with the “Mind”. The mind is the power house which possesses the combination of cognitive faculties that includes “subconsciousness”, “consciousness”, “imagination”, “perception”, “belief”, “thinking”, “judgment”, and “language” and “memory”, which is housed in the brain. The above combination influences our inner belief.


A Magnetic leader is conscious of every peripheral move he/she makes and with some professionals it seems they are just satisfied with their omnipresent reality, i.e. subconsciousness, a very mysterious part of our psyche which doesn’t allow us to be fully mindful i.e. conscious and thus influence and alters that system to function and perform in a certain way and fully not able to control oneself.


“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.” ~Joseph Murphy


A subconscious mind essentially functions as the storage bank of awareness of those things you don’t even consciously register and it never shuts off. An Individual thus needs to take a bold step on bridging the gap between subconscious and conscious to bring oneself to the edge of a clear comprehension about oneself which can ultimately influence one’s own reality.

To become a magnetic leader you have to be conscious and let us have a look, what are those positive energy paradigms which can improve your consciousness level?

Remember! The combination of “Body+Mind”. There is nothing to do with a healthy mind without a healthy body. We need to ignite our energies at the physical level to emphasis and enhance our mental, emotional and spiritual realms.


“Physical Energy” – Mind and body are a part of a single organism. A body houses the mind, without a healthy body, the mind has nothing to control over and there is no way of existing in the nature. Magnetic leaders are in wellness for an extraordinary reason and without it they cannot cultivate the energy to chase their passion on the basis of their personal power to accomplish their vision statement.

Your physical energy naturally serves as the base to your body language and is a foundation to elevate your subconscious mind and help to become mindful to whatever task you do.

Paradigms of Physical Energy

So Let us see, how we can optimize physical energy

1.     Physical exercise – You can embark upon any fitness modality that you enjoy. Physical movements like exercises, Tai chi, Yoga, endurance, strength etc. literally burns out all your negative energies i.e. stress clogged in your inner physical aura and helps you feel good about yourself. Physical movement also enhances your neural pathway, by improving the blood flow into your brain. This helps you to become more creative, harness your memory and analytical skills and allows you to think out-of-the-box.

2.     Eating clean and exercising clears the lethargy and brain-fog, supporting mental clarity and peak performance.

3.     Physical energy shifts your attitude and de-clutter your false belief towards yourself.


“Emotional Energy”


Body and Mind go hand in hand. We need to fuel the mind to promote good health. It is the liveliness of the mind, happiness in the heart and spirit filled with hope which keeps the magnetic leadership and life skills spirit alive.

Our emotional energy is immense and dynamic. Like any energy forces it has the incredible power to construct positive emotions and strong resilience in our brain. Emotional energy influences our Social-Emotional-leadership traits which consciously unleashes a powerful energy to strengthen our network and enhance our inter-personal and intellectual skills.

Paradigms of Emotional Energies

So let us have a look at how we can optimize our emotional energy

1.     Spiritual Emotional Energy – This is for those who largely believe that there is something beyond the universe which can give you a sense of purpose and direction in life. These energies renew your hope and the seeds of thought you plant in your brain and strengthen your intentions for life.


–        Nourishing your mind with Positive affirmations – An extremely powerful ally to enhance your emotional stimuli. It strengthen the intuitions for your life and motivate you to the core. Positive affirmations modify your attitude and are a great way to bolster a flag of self-love and self-worth. Affirmations effectively work with “Law of attraction” that helps us to purify our thought process and restructure the dynamics of our subconscious belief.


–        Meditation, Chakra Balancing and Reiki healing – An astonishing Spiritual guidance and a kind of energy tonic which increases self-awareness and self-realization. It feeds our mind with calmness, serenity, good thoughts, and positive approach, gives clarity into our false perception and false belief, improves our consciousness, strengthen our communication with the divine and improves the body language.

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