Energize your chakras with magical healing power of reiki meditation

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Word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – The Rei was thought to signify ‘universal, transcendental spirit or boundless essence’.

Do you have any idea that you can meditate upon your chakras with Reiki meditation? Have you ever experienced the healing power of Reiki meditation? The universal life forces of Reiki transfers tranquillity within us, which is extremely beneficial for our mind and body. Chakras are the spinning wheels of energy centres, which carries a magnificent responsibility to emanate energy to keep our mind and organs functioning at an optimal level. So, meditating upon these energy centres and energizing them with Reiki, will not only heal but also will open your doorways to peace, serenity and mindfulness.

So what is Reiki?

An ancient Japanese healing technique, which promotes spiritual healing and self-improvement. It is a one of kind therapy which provides a treatment which feels like a wondrous glowing radiance i.e. “life force energy” that flows through and around the body. It is administered by “laying on hands” and completely based on the idea of invisible “life force energy”.

Word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – The Rei was thought to signify ‘universal, transcendental spirit or boundless essence’. The Ki represents ‘life force energy’, and is equivalent to Chi or Prana in its quality. So, essentially, Reiki is a universal energy and it is said to be transmitted by a Reiki practitioner through his or her hands in order to heal self or other people holistically.

What does the combination of Reiki and meditation do? How does it work?

Reiki meditation can make you feel the universal energy in your body through which you can experience immense relief. The practise involves placing hands on specific points on your body and/ or visualizing symbols to facilitate healing experiences. Reiki has a special place in the alternative medicine scene in the world.

Plato (The Athenian philosopher, c.428-347 B.C.), believed that the whole healing process must consist of a “soul” dimension and that our body, mind and spirit needed to be treated and healed holistically. Reiki does exactly the same!

How to energize our Chakras with Reiki Meditation?

In a world full of stress and negativity, our chakras get blocked when they come in contact with negative influences. A “block” is a place where your energies are confined or forbidden to flow freely. If the energy cannot flow freely, that is a major source for any type of illness and mental diseases. Reiki meditation helps you to declutter those blocks and get the energy flowing. When the energies flow freely, it helps your body to create harmony within and it releases imbalances created by negative influences. No Chakra works efficiently irrespective of the others, they are all part of the whole. Each Chakra works efficiently only when other Chakras are fully aligned and engaged with the energy system.

To energize and heal your chakras with Reiki meditation, sit comfortably positioning your spine upright. Invoke the Reiki energy to channel through your body. If you are a beginner and not attuned with the healing process, you can always take the help of a Reiki practitioner and receive healing. Reiki will not channel through your body until and unless a Reiki Grand Master has given you the attunement for a certain level of Reiki.

Take 5-10 deep breaths and allow your mind and body to relax. Chant the word “OM” couple of times to enhance relaxation. Once you reach the meditative peaceful state, start meditating from the “root chakra” going eventually up straight to the “crown chakra”. It helps to place your hand on the respective chakra points to enhance the healing. Whatever Reiki level you are attuned to, just visualize the Reiki universal “life force energy” is being received by your “root chakra” through your hands. For level 2 or above practitioners, visualize sending the respective Reiki symbols inside your chakra. Beej mantras related to respective chakras can also be chanted with the process to enhance the meditative experience.

It is also helpful to visualize the respective colours at the Chakra points. E.g. – visualize the colour of the Root Chakra that is “red”. Like this, keep channelizing Reiki energy into your “root chakra” for at least 3 to 5 minutes as per your healing preference. Visualize your root chakra is now strong and healthy. All the blocks from the root chakra are removed. Now eventually do the same with all the 7 chakras in your body. Starting from the – root, sacral, manipura, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. After imbibing the Reiki energy in all 7 chakras, you can do the same manifestation to cleanse your aura as well.

You can even practice “write a wish or a goal” and request for clarity and manifestation to come to you through Reiki meditation. This helps us more on focusing on our goals. It helps to think in a certain away. Write down your goals on a piece of paper and put it in a box and channel Reiki to that box. It helps in sending out positive energy out into the universe and helps in manifestation purposes. It is also called a Reiki wish box.

Best Crystals to go with Reiki Meditation and their benefits

Healing crystals amplify the energy in any kind of healing session. There are different crystals for each of the chakras based on their colour and vibrational frequencies. But this one crystal “Clear Quartz” is a Master crystal and it can help you heal all the 7 chakras. You can hold a clear quartz in your hand while doing chakra meditation or even put it in your lap while meditating with the intention that it is amplifying the energy that is being channelled to you. Another crystal that can help a lot is “Selenite”. It is considered to be pure white light and it is a deeply purifying crystal. Keeping it near you during meditation with a positive intention can heighten your meditative experience.

Does soft music can be a good supporter of the meditation or we must only stick to Chant Mantras?

Mantras and soft music both complement each other and can be approached to use on alternative days in your practice session. A healing sound of a waterfall or Tibetan singing bowl or chimes are good options too for tranquillity and providing us with a peaceful environment to meditate. With subtle music, we can also easily chant mantras on top of these sounds.

Reiki meditation is a divine process and a natural way where you can find your answers and if you seek for guidance to come to you about an issue you are currently facing in lives. When you are in a meditative state, the divine tries to communicate via messages and symbolism. In a deep meditative state, if you can request the guiding angels and divine souls to show us the path, they give us clues in different forms. Sometimes we can also feel messages or ideas coming to us in different forms to support us. Ideas and messages that may not occur to us in a waking conscious state but we sometimes get them in a meditative state of surrender.

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