9 Simple steps to remove negativity and purify your house during Shravan

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Dusting and wiping might help your house to deal physically from the dust and its negative energies but not only dust there are various easy sources and reasons via which negative energies can enter in your home and life.

Shravan is considered to be a fruitful penchant and the devotees are observing this month as a deep spiritual reflection along with fasting from dawn to dusk around the globe. The month is synonymous for many auspicious rituals which is an embodiment of rewards like wealth, happiness and prosperity in our lives. During this spiritual month the cosmic energies are supercharged with Shiv tattva (Shiva elements) that purifies the environment we live in, including mind, body and soul with glorious energies.

Why purification is so essential to life? And why do we need to obtain it, especially during the month of Shravan?

The reason is Shravan is dedicated to lord Shiva and Shiva symbolizes ‘purity, consciousness and knowledge’. Practicing purifying rituals during shravan in our life is the gateway to the immense purity, abundance and provides relief from reverberating negative energies within ourselves and in our environment. Hence, one must definitely keep the house neat and clean to remove negative energies accumulated in the form of dust. It is believed that “Goddess Lakshmi” prefers to reside in a house that has kept clean, not just physically but energetically also.

Dusting and wiping might help your house to deal physically from the dust and its negative energies but not only dust there are various easy sources and reasons via which negative energies can enter in your home and life.

Sound Healing therapy

Each Monday of Shravan Masa has its own significance, thus every early Monday morning is the best time to worship Lord Shiva. Start your day by meditating with devotional songs and mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva at home, they can be played via mobile phones or laptop. Sound plays a great role when it comes to healing & realigning energies. It creates lovely vibrations in the home atmosphere and clears out lingering negative energies.


The objects that are unused, broken and old have stuck energies which are negative. Do not let them settle in your home. They will prohibit new manifestations in your life and home. De-clutter stuff that you no longer use.


Pooja rituals are common during Shravan month. Burning natural incense is helpful in clearing out the negative energies. Make sure the incense you are burning is natural and not chemically treated. Also incense sticks made of bamboo sticks are not good to burn. Burning bamboo releases bad gases. Best is to burn natural cow dung dhoop or battis for purification and an aromatic experience.

Smudging with Sage (burning of sacred herbs)

The smoke of the burning sage cleanses the air and remove impurities, both literal and metaphorical. Clearing is done in a meditative state, ‘slowly’ and with ‘focus’ so the words are much like a mantra. Before smudging, make sure all doors and windows are open so that the negative energy can leave your home. It is a good idea to start the sage cleansing practice at the front door, which helps keep out negative energy from the outside.

Ash gourd

On new moon days, it is a widespread practice to worship an Ash Gourd and then hang it at the entrance of the home. New moon energy is helpful to start something afresh. Ash Gourd has immense Praan Shakti and it absorbs any negative energy from entering your home.

Healing crystals

During samudra manthan, ocean produced lots of valuable gemstones. So you can use the power of gemstones or healing crystals to energize your home. Place Black Tourmaline crystal in your house, preferably at the entrance and in your bedroom. It is known for absorbing negative energy from both people and things. To get the maximum benefits of Black Tourmaline, place a piece in each corner of a room. This will build a protective shield that blocks any negative energy from entering your space. It is an excellent stone for absorbing electromagnetic energy as well. Black Tourmaline should also be placed near your Internet router, television, computer, smartphone, and other electronic devices. Black Tourmaline will protect you from their harmful energy while also easing anxiety and depression.

Sea salt

The churning of oceans Samudra Manthan between Dev and Danav took place in the month of Sawan. So why not explore the energy of sea salt this month. Place sea salt in all corners of the room in a container or on the floor. Let it absorb the negativity for 1-2 days and then trash that salt away. Salt is a natural cleanser.

Wind Chimes or Tibetan Singing Bowl

Sound vibrations are a powerful way to clear the energy of a room and raise its energetic vibration. Healing sounds can break apart dense or heavy energy that is lowering the energy in your home. With the lovely winds in Sharavan month, make use of wind chimes to bring in beautiful sounds in your home. You can also use a singing bowl to create a healing effect with gentle vibrations that can be felt on both a physical and spiritual level.

Living green plants

Shiva loves Bilwa leaves. Although Bilwa is a tree and not really practical to plant a tree in apartment settings, it always helps to have living green plants at home for natural positivity. Friday, during Shravan month, is supposed to be the day for worshipping Lakshmi and Tulsi. Having a Tulsi plant at home and using its medicinal leaves is very good for any month or season. Also, another very good air purifier is Snake plant. It is a sturdy plant and a must-have for your bedroom because it gives out oxygen at night.

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