5 Life Skill Lessons For Spiritual Solo And Young Entrepreneurs- Start-up Well-Being

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Holding the hand of spiritual teachings doesn’t make you “above” the worldly elements and hence you need to know

Not many harbour the capability to change ideas and mould them into visions that can help people and the world at large. By changing the course of negative beliefs, activities and customs, spiritually sensitive people or life coaches dissolve the undesirable elements in people and replace them with fresh thoughts and purposes.

However, a spiritual expert to is human and a part of this world that runs on some basic functionalities like money, and otherworldly aspects, especially if they are planning to walk down the entrepreneurial path.

An empath, though attuned with the natural state of mind cannot survive on the universal energy of growth and need the capital investment to make a substantial impact on those people’s life who often find themselves digressed from their respective objectives.

This article will help those who are raring to make a change and to move forward, but not without the necessary reinforcements that are mandatory to survive when you are starting your own business.

Embrace Your Foundations

Spiritual experts come from a place of experience where they have pursued a certain degree of education and vocation(s) before finding their calling in the spiritual practice.

Some might be doctors, some engineers; whatever may be the expertise, it is important to highlight your niche capabilities to prove your credibility to your potential customers.

There is no need to divorce yourself from your professional learnings so far because you have sought to take up spiritual healing or became a certified life-coach. Look for ways to blend all your attributes together to make yourself more approachable, real and reliable.

Monetization Is Not A Sin

Being a life coach or holding the hand of spiritual teachings doesn’t make you “above” the worldly elements. You are helping people out and it is great that you have found your profession in your passion.

This profession needs the fuel of money and resources and since it is a viable business, monetization should indeed be welcomed. More than the profession, you as a full-time life coach, too need to pay your rent and bills.

Strategize your business in such a manner that you can help others as well as yourself. You can deploy the help of professionals to help you achieve the business vision that you have set up for your organization.

Some of the non-negotiable talent you need onboard is without a doubt that of accountants and attorneys. Unless these have been your area of expertise before joining the life coach bandwagon, do not hesitate to get in touch with these professionals. You need a professional eye to take care of your money and legal compliances so that you don’t end up in a financial mess or run into the law.

Invest In Sound Strategies to Promote a Strong Platform Building

This point is intricately linked to the previous point. In order to build your presence, it is believed that you need to build a stable platform for your business. However, you need to understand the feasibility of this platform and see if it resonates with your vision.

For instance, in today’s virtual age, nothing guarantees visibility than a social media platform.

Before you hire a social media marketer, understand if and how it will help you build your brand.

Does it connect you with your target audience? Is face-to-face meetings at events or conclave a better idea for you? Monetize your tailor-made strategy only after deep thought and actions. Otherwise, you will be bleeding capital.

Ponder upon the ROI (or lack thereof) that you will be gaining (or losing) by investing in a medium or strategy. You can deploy free resources like blogging platforms or social media tools to slash the unnecessary risk factor and still achieve your business goals.

Listen To Your Gut

Being a spiritual person, listening to your gut should be as natural as breathing. It often happens so when customers have a fixed mindset and ideas that they would adhere to and will have the same expectations from you as well. They may or may not clash with your principles.

By just winging it and going along the process will have a repercussion on your task and your thought process as you are not investing your heart and soul in the task.

What you can do is to take leverage the combination of spiritualism and entrepreneurship. Since, you, as a life coach, can delve into meditation and have the ability to explore various states of consciousness, you can use this mind osmosis to learn, grow and gather inspiration from the universe to open multiple doors of opportunities which are important for a thriving entrepreneur.

Learn And Collaborate Incessantly

We are never at the crux of knowing everything. There is always a scope to learn and collaborate in order to grow. For instance, you can collaborate with several business minds, different from your field of expertise but businessperson nevertheless, to learn the ropes of a successful venture.

By engaging with people having diverse acumens, you get to infusion versatility to your venture and help you polish yourself as a business owner. By joining in a network, you will be faced with situations where you must claim ownership and are accountable for your actions.

Learning is a big part of collaboration and you can engage with not only business experts but with different people in general to understand their psyche and how you, as a life coach or a spiritual expert, you can hone your intrinsic capabilities and teach yourself the new healing techniques that can be deployed to impart better healing techniques as their lifestyle and belief system are subject to constant change.


To sum it up, it is always better to have

1. A clear idea about what you want to do

2. A transparent business strategy in place

3. The willingness to ask for help

4. The ability to learn and collaborate with others

5. To listen to your internal compass and trust your instincts

6. To build a strong foundation

7. To also aim for monetization along with your vision

The art of a successful entrepreneurial venture after all requires the best of both worlds.

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