Wooden Knobbed Puzzles – Geography For Kids – Review

Wooden Knobbed Puzzles – Geography For Kids – Review

Does your child like puzzles? Here is something interesting for those little hands. Montessori inspired puzzles that cover some geography?! These wooden toys (knobbed puzzles) are made by artisans in India. 

I came across these wooden knobbed puzzles of India, Continents ??& Countries of the world by Stuti Gupta (Wooden Toy Lovers) . Sharing them here for your benefit and if you would like to order these for your child, here is a benefit for all you awesome members of this community. This is a token of love for being here!


Continents puzzle – 399 Rs + shipping, A4 size

Countries of the world puzzle – 700 Rs + shipping, 46*30 cm

️India puzzle – 450 Rs +shipping, 30*30cm


You can order these puzzles directly by contacting Stuti Gupta on whatsapp ? 9811987124.


Mention the discount code KJUNCTION & get an instant ? 5% OFF on the prices mentioned above. Shipping is extra for all the puzzles.


These are nice to introduce the concept, names & shapes of the continents, countries & states of India. I do not own them because I already have another version of such puzzles since a year now. But these wooden ones are a better eco-friendly alternative. It has knobs so it also helps in pincer grip. It is sturdier as compared to foam based puzzles of the same type available in the market.

I would have preferred if the country & states shapes & sizes were more to scale but since this is just for representation purposes, it is not that big an issue. The child surely gets an idea about the stuff this puzzle intends to give. Some states in the India map will not have knobs because of their small size. So those pieces wont be detachable from the map board. This is a known limitation because of small size of the state, but needs a gentle mention in this review.

Overall, nice, engaging & educational puzzles. When not used with the puzzle board, for elder kids, the individual pieces of the puzzle can be used for tracing the countries or states shape & kids can color them.

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