“Day Of The Feminine” Instead Of “Women’s Day”

“Day Of The Feminine” Instead Of “Women’s Day”

It is International Women’s Day 2019 today and as I read all the greetings, messages, comments about women’s day on social media & whatsapp, I wonder is it really necessary to celebrate women’s day? Even if we celebrate it, how does one day mark any change in the society as a whole? I, as a spiritual healer & seeker, understand that there are both masculine & feminine energies in every individual, this world is dual. Then why only celebrate the feminism in a female? My mind was asking these questions since morning & as always, this man – SADHGURU – had answers to all my questions!

I came across this wonderful video where he speaks about why it is high time we name this day as the ‘Day of the Feminine’ rather than ‘Women’s Day’. And this made complete sense to me! Watch his video below & if you have a little less time on hand then I am sharing excerpts of his talk below in text form. Do try to read & more importantly assimilate it! It is profound, intense & radical!

Sadhguru on Women’s Day
Below are some selected lines from the above talk by Sadhguru that I found very profound & worth repeating here in text!

The exploitative situations in the society have prevailed for long periods because for a long time in the history of humanity, humanity was mainly concerned about its survival.

Only when civilizations are well-established in a way where art, music, aesthetics are as important as economics, defense and other aspects which rule the society today, only then a woman will find her rightful place in a society, otherwise either she will be trodden upon, rough stowed, or somebody will carry her on their shoulders because she is a plaything.

Unless you raise a social consciousness to a place where survival is just one aspect of our life, not the whole of our life; unless we do that, a woman will not find her rightful place in any given society. If she has to find her rightful place right now, she has to behave like a man. So when a woman begins to behave like a man, the loss for the womanhood is even greater than exploitation because the very feminine will disappear from our societies.

What we refer to as masculine and feminine are two fundamental qualities in nature. It’s got nothing to do with the gender. There may be men who embody the feminine qualities much more than most women. There may be women who embody the masculine much better than most men. It is important that a society begins to recognize this that one’s body may be either female or male, but one’s quality may be feminine or masculine or a combination of both.

In every human body, both the masculine and the feminine should play. It is only then you can look upon the gender as just a nature’s necessity, a certain distinction, but not a discrimination.

It’s time we name this day as the ‘Day of the Feminine’ rather than ‘Women’s Day’

The most important thing that needs to happen in the world is that there must be a spiritual element in everybody’s life. Spiritual means your experience of life has transcended the limitations of the physical. If you are in touch with that you will be a man or a woman only when it is necessary; you do not have to carry your gender like a badge every moment of your life.

If your experience is beyond the physical nature, gender will be just a minor issue in your life. If it has become a major issue, what it means is body parts are ruling you. If some body part must determine the nature of your life, let it be at least your brain, not your reproductive organs.

If you feel this message needs to be read by more people on earth, go ahead & share this! That would be your bit in helping the humanity to raise beyond the PHYSICAL!

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