Why Katappa Killed Bahubali – More Profound Questions From Bahubali 2

I belong to that “what??? Are you serious???” tribe in India who hasn’t watched bahubali 1 till date owing to motherhood & newborn schedules! But husband man insisted to watch bahubali 2 while he happily transferred me the gyaan and story of bahubali 1 last night.

While the entire nation is going crazy over this million dollar question – “Why did Katappa kill bahubali?”, here are some questions, far more profound than the original question funnily, that the kid in me came up with! I request everyone to help me find the answers by sharing the questions everywhere 😉

1. What is the age of Katappa?
Oh yes, he looked after bahubali since birth and was fit enough till bahubali’s son was 25 years.

2.Boost is the secret of Katappa’s energy?
At the age of at least 70 years as per comprehension of the story, he fought the climax battle of bahubali 2 with never ending enthusiasm and strength.

3. Why did Katappa not marry?
His ancestors and grand ancestors had been serving to the kingdom as gulaam. Looks like this poor hard worker has no successor at this age!

4. Why and how did Kumar Varma leave his state and settled with bahubali starting from the god bharaai function of dev sena?
He seems to be wandering around with bahubali and dev sena instead of living in his own state. When and why did he relocate?

I hope the super sequel of bahubali answers these questions and more importantly Katappa finds his successor! Or may be he plans to become a male version of “Baa” of “kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi” 😉

Ok now some serious stuff! Go and watch bahubali 2 to know the answer to the million dollar question, it is indeed a treat to watch!!!

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