What Makes A Toy A Montessori Material & Skola Toys Recommendation & Review (VLOG)

I am an ardent Montessori follower & by now you must have known that I follow Montessori (combined with other philosophies) with my son at home. We do Montessori inspired activities at home, we have a Montessori shelf where I keep his activities & he absolutely loves his shelf. We do have some Montessori materials at home & I am always on a look out for Montessori inspired toys.

What exactly is meant by Montessori inspired toys? Or What makes a toy a Montessori material?

  • Made up natural materials like wood, glass, ceramic etc
  • Simple looking with no flashing lights, buzzers or whistles
  • Realistic looking, for example, no cartoon characters printed 
  • Have “control of error” – Self-correcting nature of the toys which means that if the child has put anything in a wrong way in a certain toy, he will himself be able to notice that due to the self-correcting nature of the toy. 
  • Fosters independent play
  • Has a specific purpose for the child, for example, it may work on the child’s fine motor skills, dexterity, sensory inputs, language, gross motor skills, life skills, cognitive skills, creativity, science, maths skills etc.
I just want to take this opportunity to share with you a great brand that I recently found, which makes Montessori inspired wooden toys – SKOLA TOYS

The team at Skola Toys believe that play leads to exploration, exploration leads to discovery and discovery leads to learning. Toys like these stimulate the child’s senses by opening up a fascinating world of colours, shapes, numbers, alphabets, science, geography & more! Skola Toys are designed for children between 0 & 8 years, and are self-correcting that enable children to learn independently without adult intervention. They have specific learning objectives that are achieved through a natural process of playing – that constitutes their unique Skola Learning Grid.

Skola Toys are made of wood that have a natural appeal to a child & result in the child being engaged with the toy for long periods of time. The paints used are child-safe too. 
I have these two Skola Toys that we love – Stacking Gears & Snowflake Threading Toy. You can watch the detailed review of both of them in the videos below.

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You can explore more of these awesome Skola Toys on their website HERE. They also have a Facebook Page that you can follow HERE.

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I hope you found this post useful. I will be posting more about Montessori materials in the future. Until then, Happy Parenting 🙂

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