What Are Prewriting Skills & How To Develop Them In Young Toddlers – 12 to 30 Months

Do you think you should start paying attention to your child’s writing skills only when they start to write alphabets & numbers?

The answer is NO. It actually starts very early! Your child is already preparing himself to be able to write in future & you can aid his preparation with what is called “pre-writing exercises”. I have compiled some really easy to do activities that can be done using simple things at home. They are engaging, educational & enriching.

What are pre-writing skills?

To put it simply, these are the skills that children need to develop, to be able to write. For example – holding a pencil, using a pencil to move around on the paper, ability to draw something, copy or colour it, ability to draw different lines, patterns, shapes etc. The skills encompass; hand and finger strength, directional movement, hand position, pencil grip, proper usage of large muscles like elbow and shoulder, proper usage of small muscles like wrist and fingers, hand-eye coordination, bilateral integration, object manipulation and so much more!

The best place to start prewriting activities is your home. You really do not need to invest in expensive materials to develop the mentioned skills. As complex as they sound, the skills are not very difficult to master. Provided you give the muchneeded exposure and stimulus to your child.
In the article linked below, I am sharing some prewriting Montessori inspired activities that you can do with young toddlers (12 to 30 months)

Check out my entire article on BABYCHAKRA HERE.

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