Welcoming Spring – Celebrating Harvest Festival (Sankranti/Pongal) In India – Activity For Kids (VLOG)

Check out this small & simple setup that you can easily for kids of any age to welcome Spring. We in India, celebrate harvest during Spring & for that I got my son stalks of Sorghum & Wheat & showed him in a hands-on way the steps from harvest till the flours reach our homes for consumption.
I set this up for my almost 3 year old son & he absolutely loved it! Take a look at this video below & grab some ideas 🙂

Just like our Winter activities HERE, our playlist for Spring activities is HERE & it will include Spring storytellings, crafts, activities, festival celebrations & whatever we do this Spring season. I will keep adding those videos in this playlist. So do keep a check!

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Hope to see you around. Happy Parenting!

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