Tutorial – Simple Breathing Meditation (Anapanasati) For Beginners To Do Anywhere

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#SoulfulSaturdays is an attempt to put out weekly, simple to consume knowledge bits, help people understand the concepts of holistic living, spirituality, healing, meditation & the likes. In this article, let us see how to do a simple meditation based on your breath anywhere anytime. In Buddhist fraternity, it is also called Anapanasati Meditation. 

There is much written & read about the benefits of meditation but not many people practice it actually. Partly because of less self motivation, partly because of wrong information, partly because they think meditation is for old & retired people, partly because they tried a meditation practice & could not keep up to it.

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Let me tell you there are many different ways one can meditate. There are many kinds of meditation practices and all of them can really help you in focus, awareness, emotional mental & physical wellness & much more. This is a very basic practice but it does wonders & can be practiced by seasoned meditators as well.

So let us dive into it straight but before that, promise me you will try this meditation today itself & share your experience with me in the comments below!


You can choose any place you like – a quiet hall, a noisy train, sitting in an auto with honking sounds of the traffic, garden, bedroom, forest or whatever. The good news is if you are alive, you will have your much loved breath with you, and that is the only thing you need for this meditation.


You can start with just 5 minutes of practice. Set a timer in your mobile & you are ready to go. Once you are happy with 5 minutes, you can gradually increase the duration as per your convenience.


Sit upright with your spine straight. You can either sit on a chair with hanging legs or sit on the floor or yoga mat or even a chair with crosslegged. Put your hands anywhere you feel comfortable. It would be great to keep them in dhyaan mudra resting on your knees.


Close your eyes & just focus on your breath. Watch it go in & out, in & out, in & out. Keep your awareness JUST on the breath. Notice how the breath is passing through your nostrils & going up till your lungs. Notice how those vibrations are. Visualize that with every in-breath, you are breathing in positive energy & with every out-breath, you are pushing out negativity from your body. Keep the breaths deeper & longer.

Hey, one random thought of your child or your spouse or your workplace came hitting your head just now! Aaah you lost the focus on your breath!!! And you think, “oh I just cannot do this thing called meditation”. Trust me, I have been there done that. And still face this sometimes. Do not resist the thought and just let the thought pass through your brain or heart. Become a watcher to that thought. Now that you have acknowledged the thought came in, resume back to focussing on your breath.

I have a bonus tip for you here! Try chanting “So” during in breath & “Hum” during out breath. SoHum is the universal sound of our breath. So this way, the chances of you being lost into other thoughts are lesser because you give your mind a concrete thing to chant while you breathe. You can chant it mentally or aloud.

And hey, you will soon hear your timer go tring tring. Did you just finish your meditation session? I hope your answer is yes 🙂 If it is, tell me in the comments below what was your experience!

Regulates BP, calms mind, reduces stress, anxiety, depression, improves focus, mental, emotional & physical well being and much more!

In Buddhist culture, this meditation is called Anapanasati – meaning mindfullness of breathing.

If you want to know more about our 7 energy centers in the body – what are called chakras, they have been discussed individually in detail HERE.

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Hope you liked this tutorial & let me know in the comments below if you practice any kind of meditation.

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See you next week!

Love, Light, Peace

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