Tons of Ways To Play With Waldorf Rainbow Stackers – Rainbow Roofs From Skola Toys – Review (VLOG)

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Are you looking for an open-ended toy for your child which will grow with the child, keep him engaged for longer, enhance his creativity, imagination, spatial intelligence, dexterity & fine motor skills? Then Rainbow Roofs from Skola Toys is the right answer for you because it can entertain & engage your child right from when he is a toddler to a preschooler to a kindergartner to primary school. Read on to know in how many different & creative ways you can play with these stackers!

About Skola Rainbow Roofs

Stack, nest and arrange rainbow coloured roof shapes in various ways.

Skola Rainbow Roofs

Children explore the magic of creating different forms with this toy – a train, a sofa or a building! They like to share this toy with friends and enjoy trying to balance the uneven shapes.

Nesting the pieces in this toy helps in developing fine motor skills at a very young age. Stacking the individual pieces makes children dexterous and hones balancing skills. Playing with the toy enhances their awareness of colours in a concrete manner and various name games hone children’s memory skills. Children also gain knowledge about the rainbow in the form of VIBGYOR.

As children start to develop focus and eye-hand coordination, they can move on to using both hands simultaneously to carry out actions or manipulate objects
Rainbow Roofs are perfect for hours & hours of open-ended & free play! This is a variation of the standard Waldorf/Steiner rainbow stacker which is widely sold by Grimm’s. This is the Indian answer to Grimm’s rainbow stacker and it is far cheaper than Grimm’s, did you see Grimm’s price tag? 😉

Having said that, the quality of the wood & the finish of the toy is not at compromising. It is made of high quality wood & the paints are non-toxic.

How To Play With Skola Rainbow Roofs

Watch this video to know how you can play in tons of different ways with the Skola Rainbow Roofs. I am sure you will get lots of ideas to include in your free play sessions. 

Skola has designed learning journeys through play & Rainbow Roofs fall into the journey of fine motor skills. 

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Buy Links

You can buy Skola Rainbow Roofs from Amazon or directly from Skola Toys Official Website.

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We love open-ended toys & this one was in my wishlist for long & I could finally lay hands on it & we are absolutely loving it! We make so many different patterns & designs out of it, some of them I have shared in the video above. There is no limit to the possibilities how you can play with this toy, it is only limited by your & your child’s imagination. I would highly recommend this toy! #PlayItRight

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I hope this post was useful for you. I would love to see how you play with your rainbow stackers in the comments below or on my social media profiles. Feel free to drop relevant links in the comments where I can happily see your ideas to use rainbow stackers!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post but the views shared are honest and solely mine. I believe in using the products myself before putting up the review or opinion about them here. 

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