There Can Be No Perfect Mothers … Just The Real Ones

Motherhood starts with tons and tons of advice – wanted and unwanted – right from the pregnancy stage. There are opinions about each and everything; while some are given by our family members and loved ones, others are by random people like the ones you encounter in a park while having a walk. It doesn’t stop there. We, as educated and want-to-be-aware moms, do not hesitate to look up stuff online, whether it is related to pregnancy, child birth, newborn care or toddler tantrums. So, there are loads of online and offline resources of advice that a first time mother can access.

But my question is: do these sources always make sense to us? At one point in time, I, as a mother, found myself drowned into this sea of knowledge/know-hows/dos & don’ts!

After much introspection, I realized that there is no right or wrong way to be a mom – only your way! This is exactly what the Baby Dove philosophy also says and what turned out to be my biggest support system as a new mother. I am so glad to have found this support system that advocates the philosophy I resonate with! My experience has taught me that I should trust my instincts for every decision I make. After all, as a mom, I truly know what’s best for my baby.

According to a survey conducted by Baby Dove, 2 in 3 mothers said that they were overwhelmed by the amount of information and advice there is on how to be a parent! However, what I really found reassuring was that 8 in 10 Indian women said they feel that they instinctively know what’s best for their child. In my parenting journey too, I have done a handful of things that I found instinctively right for me. It might not be applicable or feasible for every mom, but that is what makes motherhood special and unique! I am sharing some of them with all of you.

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Happy Parenting!

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