The Ultimate List Of Indian Mythology Books For Dussehra & Navratri Festival For Children

18 Indian Mythology Books For Dussehra & Navratri Festival For Children the k junction

Dussehra, also called Vijayadashmi (or Bijoya in Bengal), is the culmination of the nine-day Navaratri celebrations. Navratri means nine nights and so the tenth day Goddess Durga, who is worshipped throughout the nine days, is immersed in holy water after pooja. It is a festival that marks the killing of Ravana by Rama. It is seen as the victory of good over evil. Here are some Indian mythology books that you can read to your children this festival season.

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Amma Tell Me About Durga Puja

Age 3yrs+

The city is abuzz with fanfare and fervour,
Giant idols under wraps, ready to be unfurled,
Colourful pandaals receive finishing touches
To host the biggest outdoor festival in the world!
Celebrate the homecoming of a loving daughter,
Victory of the goddess and a demon’s defeat,
See how Ma Durga outshone even the mighty gods
How a woman achieved an impossible feat!

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Ravana Remedy

Age 3yrs+ 
Picture book with colour illustrations 
Price – 50 INR


Age 3yrs+ 
Picture book with colour illustrations

Price – 25 INR

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Ravana Refuses To Die

Age 6yrs+

Whether it’s a demon king who refuses to die, a top-secret interstellar mission, a hair-raising kidnapping or a sleazy land grabbing, the Gang is embroiled in every adventure that unfolds in Babubari.

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Rama & The Demon King

Age – 4yrs+
Banished by his jealous stepmother, the good and brave Prince Rama has lived in the forest for 14 years, along with his beautiful wife Sita and his loyal brother Lakshaman. Rama has triumphed over the demons that dwell there and the three live a simple, peaceful life among the forest animals. But it is not to last, for the ten-headed King of the Demons vows to take revenge. Eye-catching illustrations, based on the Indian tradition of shadow-puppetry, convey the exuberance of a millennia-old tale which is still very much alive today.
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Hanuman’s Ramayan

Age 6yrs+

Valmiki has barely put down his pen after completing his magnificent creation, the epic Ramayan, when he realises he has competition. The sage Narad tells him that there is a better Ramayan, written by Hanuman. Valmiki is devastated! As the story of Hanuman’s Ramayan unfolds, humorously and gently, so does the idea that there is no one version of the well-loved story about Ram, Sita, Hanuman and Ravan, but many. Here, the quirky illustrations based on the style of Mithila folk paintings tell their own story.

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Celebrate Dussehra & Durga Puja

Age 6yrs+
Now enjoy your favourite festivals even more with stories and fun things to do throughout the year! Bring on the celebrations – its Durga Puja and Dussehra time! Ten whole days for fun and festivities, and for thanking the gods and goddesses for their blessings. From fasting to feasting, from Rama dramas to burning Ravanas, from exchanging leaves to exchanging gifts, different people in different parts of the country celebrate these festivals in all kinds of ways, and you can know all about it! This book brings you wonderful stories about Dussehra and Durga Puja… Can you solve the case of a stolen idol? Or imagine a private mother goddess? Or figure out how festivals can help you be the most awesome person you can be? Or work out ways to fight a monster you can’t see, and win? It’s all here! So why wait to celebrate? Open up the boxes of sweets, put your best clothes on, and tuck into this super collection of stories, folktales, myths, legends and activities.
Plus: Why we celebrate Durga Puja and Dussehra – the myths and legends of the festival
Plus: 20 fun things to do during Dussehra and Durga Puja
Plus: Your very own fill – in festival diary

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Age 3yrs+

Dussehra is celebrated to reminisce Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana which symbolizes the victory of Good over Evil. On this day, Lord Rama killed the evil demon Ravana who had abducted His wife Sita. Hence, this day is also called Vijayadashmi. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal all over the country.

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Celebrate Durga Puja With Me

Age 3yrs+

‘Celebrate Durga Puja with Me’ started as a thought while holidaying in Australia. Shoumi and her family attended Durga Puja celebrations in Brisbane with an old friend she grew up with in Bombay. “Bombay comes alive with festivities for five days every year during Pujo,” they reminisced, as they attended a condensed ‘weekend Pujo’, which is typical outside India. Memories of celebrations from her childhood form the essence of her collection – the frenzied ‘dhunuchi’ dance during Durga Puja, the rhythmic chants of the oarsmen during Onam or the expression on a friend’s face as you snuck up to smear ‘abeer’ during Holi! “I wanted to recreate these memories in verse for my daughter and kids all over who may not have the opportunity to experience festivals the way we did.”

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Durga The Feminine Force 

Age 3yrs+
When the evil demon, Mahishasura, defeated the gods and took control of Amravati, all the gods came together, creating a woman using the best parts of all their powers. This woman came to be known as Devi Durga. Read about her fight against all forms of evil, her love and devotion to Lord Shiva and her various incarnations.

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The Feminine Force Kali

Age 3yrs+

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You might also like these fun & developmental Montessori inspired activities based on this festival that I did with my toddler last year. 

Lord Rama 

Age 3yrs+

When the world was being terrorized by the evil King of Lanka Ravana, Lord Vishnu appeared as Lord Rama to vanquish the demon and restore peace on earth. Lord Rama is the embodiment of truth, virtue, the ideal son, the ideal husband and above all, the ideal king.Lord Rama, retells Lord Rama’s story from his birth till his victory over Ravana. The illustrated text written in lucid language makes it an engaging read for the young mind.

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Festivals Of India

Age 3yrs+

The colourful festivals of India are an integral part of the life of its people. They are symbols of the rich cultural heritage of this diverse land. Each unique festival is a celebration of great significance, where India comes alive in its fascinating best. This beautifully illustrated book tells you all about festivals from the story behind why each festival is celebrated.

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Amma Tell Me About Ramayana

Age 3yrs+

The story of Rama, the righteous prince,
Written ages ago by the poet Valmiki.
This is Ramayana – an ancient, epic poem,
As told by Amma to Klaka and Kiki.
Beloved prince of Ayodhya, next in line to be king;
Banished to the forest at his stepmother’s behest.
Waged a war with the demon Ravana to rescue his wife
Helped by an army of monkeys in his quest.

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Tulsidas Ramayana (Amar Chitra Katha)
Age 9yrs+

Tulsidas (1574) tells the story of Ram, the prince of Ayodhya, in Awadhi, a dialect of Hindi spoken in Awadh in Uttar Pradesh. The work consists of about a thousand stanzas, each about 12 to 18 lines, set in elegant rhyme. Every village and town in the Hindi heartland has a troupe that gives a theatrical performance, called Ramlila, based on Tulsidas’ work. Ramlila is enacted as part of the Vijaya Dashami celebrations.

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Short Stories From Ramayan 

Age 5yrs+

Ramayan is filled with educative tales and fables. This book is an attempt to bring alive some of the timeless tales of this great epic with the help of lucid language and illustrations.

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Age 3yrs+
Simple story of Rama’s life in rhyming text with black & white images for coloring.
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Hope you liked this collection of Dussehra & Navratri themed books for kids. 

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