The Ostrich Who Came For Tea – Pretend Play

The other day, I posted on my facebook page about how & why I love figurines & miniatures. And how open ended they are for a child to enjoy & play with.

Today, my 19 months old was enjoying in the swing leisurely when he suddenly wanted to get down. I helped him get down & he ran to another room & grabbed the ostrich from the animal figurines basket. He kept on playing with the ostrich for some time & then grabbed his tea set. Little did I know he had actually invited the ostrich for tea & snacks!

As you can see in the pic, from left to right, top to bottom, he first laid out the saucers, put cups over them, prepared tea & mixed sugar with the spoon, tasted the tea himself, invited the ostrich for tea, offered him tea & snacks by spoon himself, and then drank his tea himself!

I love how free play/pretend play brings forth the creativity in a child. All these were his own ideas 🙂 Oh yes, he offered me some tea as well at the end!

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