The Only 5 Kinds Of Toys Your Child Needs – Reduce Toy Clutter At Home (VLOG)

The Only 5 Kinds Of Toys Your Child Needs – Reduce Toy Clutter At Home (VLOG)

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The Only 5 Kinds Of Toys Your Child Needs – Reduce Toy Clutter At Home. This article showcases the facebook live video I did on this topic recently as a part of my #TuesdayLive Facebook live series.



“My child does not play with his toys!”


“My house is full of toys but hardly some get used by my child”


“My house looks like a toy shop!”


Do you resonate with these comments?

As an early childhood educator & a mommy blogger, I get to see lot of questions from parents regarding which toys to buy for their kids.

In this video below, let us understand the only 5 kinds of toys a child needs, how can we figure out which toys to declutter & maintain sanity at our home!

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