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Wondering which books to read to your child? Welcome to this wonderful 10 weeks long project of #MondayMorningReviews where Shital Choudhary, a passionate storyteller & a mom herself, shares children’s book reviews every Monday! The age group for these books is 0-4 years. This review series will help you choose the best books for your baby / toddler / preschooler / kindergartener. This week’s pick is The Magic Umbrellas! Read on this full book review. 

Book: The Magic Umbrellas
Author: Theertha Raj
Illustrations: Nancy Raj
Publisher: MsMoochie books
Recommendation: Strong
Age: 3+ years


A little girl Leela’s umbrellas keep getting lost. First day of school, she loses her first one, no one has a clue, on second day second one, but someone sees it, flying out of the window, third day third one goes ‘whoosh’ and everybody sees it flying out. Where are they going? Leela’s mother decides to follow the forth one!
The suspense is built and unfolded in each passing day. We are kept glued till the end.

What I Liked

Suspense: I liked the ‘Suspense’ angle. I like children stories that try to incorporate suspense or investigation theories with very simple stories. And more so, I loved the ending, the suspense ends with a strong message.
Illustrations: detailing in illustrations like mess of classroom in the break time, vapor evaporating from hot cutting tea, umbrella designs is wonderful.
Green highlighted text: the story uses two fonts, one – normal and second – highlighted bold and bigger green fonts, these bigger fonts tell you all about the umbrellas.

Our Experience

Let me tell you about a couple of questions asked by my kid and answers given by me after 3rd reading of this book. 
Q: mom how can Apoopa be young here (see the pic above) A: Oh! this coconut incident happened when he was young, so…
Q: what’s pillion? A: back seat of a scooter
Q: How can author and illustrator both be ‘Raj’ A: just a coincidence Q: what’s a coincidence? A: …and i explained

I am sure each book and each story has a plethora of opportunities to talk, discuss and derive at learning and values we seek out in life.

Go ahead and enjoy this umbrella unfolding its magic!

Book review contributed by Shital Choudhary
Chief Reviewer at 
Children’s Book Reviews & Stories

Shital Choudhary is a passionate storyteller (a Kathalaya Alumina) and a mom to a 6 year old. Apart from power of stories in teaching concepts and values, she believes that stories can come at your rescue absolutely at any situation in your parenting journey. You can reach out to her at storywayschool [AT] She documents her book reviews, recommendations and reading out experiences at her Facebook page – Children’s Book Reviews & Stories

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