The Energy Is Always There – Ganesha Says

As I saw the Ganesh visarjan proceedings with my toddler from the gallery, an old memory flashed blazingly through my eyes. People were so happy there. But suddenly I saw my eyes going moist, my throat getting dry and my heart going deep into the ocean of memories, touching my twin girls & coming back to me to be with my toddler.

Those people dancing there in front of Ganesha, they had waited for Ganesha for one whole year. I had waited for my twin girls for fourteen odd months, that included torturous fertility treatments too.

They were so happy to bring Him home. I was so happy to see my girls in reality when they came out of my womb.

They had never held Him in their hands, except for one or two people who made Ganesha seated on his designated place. I never got to hold my girls in my arms. They were directly shifted from the operation theatre to NICU.

They had decorated Ganesha with flowers, garlands & graffiti. My girls were decorated with tons of wires & equipments in the NICU.

They visited & offered Ganesha food/prasad everyday. I offered them pumped breast milk everyday.

After 10 days, they had accepted that it’s time for Ganesha to take his leave. They were happy to say bye bye. Till 11th day, both my girls were gone one after the other! I could not accept it. I was devastated.

Ganesha’s energy is always there with us, it is just that the physical form of Ganesha comes in our homes for ten days.

Energies of my girls will always be there with me & my family. They just appeared in physical form for a couple of days.

This spiritual understanding came to me after a few months of this episode. I am grateful to the universe that it eventually came to me. It helped me regain my sanity & I’m so much more well equipped emotionally & mentally now. It had to come this hard way, and it did.

The world is energy. Physicality is just one aspect of it.

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