Storytelling – Pratham Books – Kottavi Raja & His Sleepy Kingdom – #Pbchamp

Pratham Books has this wonderful initiative One Day One Story where all over the country, one book is read to children. The K Junction registered for this wonderful opportunity and became a #pbchamp to tell the story of “Kottavi Raja & His Sleepy Kingdom”.

Kuhoo Gupta had a wonderful time telling the story of “Kottavi Raja & his sleepy kingdom” by Pratham publishers as a part of their one day one story initiative to 30+ kids. The kids really enjoyed the session and she was so happy to listen to their lovely words while they were going back – “mam bye bye”, “mam mazaa aaya”, “mam acchi story thi”, “mam aur games khelein?”


She conducted two activities after the story telling session –

  • She pretended to be Kottavi Raja who could finally sleep well after so many days. Divided the kids into 3 teams and every team was supposed to arrange themselves into a height-wise line without making a sound or else Kottavi Raja will wake up. It was hard for the kids to keep quiet and do the needful. There were giggles and whispers.

  • Now all the children were supposed to pretend as sleeping and they were made to sit in a circle. She gave each team a paper and a crayon. Every child had to draw something on the paper with eyes closed and pass on the paper to the next child in the team. At the end we saw papers of all three teams and they had some wonderful artwork drawn randomly by every kid eyes closed. Then they told her, “I made this sun, I made this mountain, etc etc”.

All in all, a fun and satisfying experience with these little curious enthusiastic bunch of kids .

Event powered by Pratham Books
Location and logistics partner – Little Wings International, Pune

Thank you partners for making it happen.

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