Sleep Talk For Children’s Self Esteem & Other Issues – A Powerful Parenting Tool

Sleep Talk For Children’s Self Esteem & Other Issues – A Powerful Parenting Tool

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Are you a parent who would like to support your child’s development in the best possible way? Would you like access to a quick, easy technique to improve their behavior? Build their self-esteem and help with lots of childhood issues? The Sleep Talk for children may be the answer.

In this video below, I am going to talk very briefly about sleep talk. It is an awesome parenting tool that I have been using for my son since he was born. I have used it for potty training, behavioral issues, handling tantrums, separation anxiety, weaning breastfeeding, putting to sleep, building self esteem, eating issues and what not. This can be used for children till they are about 12 or 13 years. However magical it may seem, it has a strong backing of a reason why it works.

But before we go on to why it works, let us first understand how it can be used. So how to do sleep talk. Watch this video below to understand.


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If you want any help in coming up with sleep talk affirmations for your child for a specific issue, you can reach out to us using THIS contact form & our team will help you arrange a one-on-one consultation with the expert. Please DO NOT expect answers to personal queries here.

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