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#SoulfulSaturdays is an attempt to put out weekly, simple to consume knowledge bits, help people understand the concepts of holistic living, spirituality, healing, meditation & the likes. Let us see how can we deal with low oxygen levels in the air & take in more oxygen in our bodies in urban setups. Read these simple to implement tips in this article & get rid of some health complications that can arise due to low oxygen levels in your body.

According to WHO, last year 70 lac people died of air pollution. Let us see today how we can breathe in more & more fresh oxygen rich air.

Apart from the dust particles & carbon in the air that cause cough, asthma & other respiratory issues, one more serious area of concern in urban setups is low content of oxygen in the air.

Daily requirement of oxygen per person per day is 550 litres. That translates to 11,000 litres of fresh air per person per day attributing to oxygen percentage in fresh air these days. If oxygen levels are low in the body, we feel tired, fatigue, suffocation & organ functioning is also affected badly.

So how can we deal with this? How can we surround ourselves with oxygen rich air in urban setups? 

Here are some simple tips by Dr Vipin Gupta, a drug research scientist with Sehatvan – 

  1. If you have AC at home then switch it on less & less often. Because if you switch on the AC, you will not open the windows often & fresh air will not fill up your home. Difference between the metabolism of cancer cells & normal cells is that cancel cells DO NOT need oxygen. So less oxygen in your homes means you are giving a suitable environment to cancerous cells to proliferate. So open up your windows more & more often!
  2. Declutter unwanted stuff at home to free up space. The more space your home has, the more fresh air can come in and the more oxygen you can get. Also, different materials emit fumes/vapors of different kinds. So let us lessen our exposure to such vapors also. I need to continue this decluttering exercise at home & I encourage you all to do the same!
  3. Buy less! Buy only when needed. The more things are manufactured on the planet, the more factories will contribute to air pollution.
  4. Leave less carbon footprint on the planet – use public transport. 1 litre of petrol or diesel uses 10,000 litres of air! We need to give ourselves more air and not the vehicles! So limit the use of vehicles whenever possible.
  5. Grow plants in your home – window sills, terrace, indoor – wherever, so that you get more & more oxygen! But DO NOT use pesticides or else you will undo all the good you have done by growing plants!
  6. Go for nature walks, treks, forest bath etc to get your jumbo dose of oxygen for your body.

This video by Dr Vipin Gupta covers it all in Hindi.

You might want to check out Sehatvan’s YouTube channel as well for more such videos!

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