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Wondering which books to read to your child? Welcome to this wonderful 10 weeks long project of #MondayMorningReviews where Shital Choudhary, a passionate storyteller & a mom herself, shares children’s book reviews every Monday! The age group for these books is 0-4 years. This review series will help you choose the best books for your baby / toddler / preschooler / kindergartener. This week’s pick is Sea In A BucketRead on this full book review. 

Book: The Sea in a Bucket (An Avehi-Abacus Story)
Publisher: Eklavya Pitara
Illustrations: Deepa Balsavar
Age Group: 3 years +
Recommendation: Strong

About The Book: 

The book is a pictorial representation of our ‘Water-Cycle‘.

It starts like this, “This is Sonu”, “This is Sonu’s Bucket”, “This is the tap that brings water to fill Sonu’s Bucket” and so on it goes to describe backwards what gets water to the tap, lake, river, mountain, clouds, and role of the Sun and the Sea.

The previous sentences gets repeated with each step forward, which makes the reading rhyming and fun.

The last page also deals with what happens to the water after Sonu bathes with it. It completes the circle.

Illustrations steal the show here. At the end of the book, there is a chart given compiling all the illustrations of this book. This ‘all pics-no text’ chart speaks for itself and explains the whole water cycle.
And of course there is more to the illustrations then just water-cycle. The detailing of – at the residence, river, lake, mountains, at the sea has much more to talk about than just the water-cycle. 
Somebody is feeding the dog, someone’s brushing teeth, a lizard on the wall, fishing, goatherd, some writing happening at the banks of the river, snow clad mountains, Yaks, Snow leopard, monks pine trees, mountaineers, and more. 
Oh! One can play a fine spot game with these illustrations. 

Our Experience:

We vacationed in Sikkim this summer. I had ordered a set of 22 books from Eklavya Pitara and this book was one of them. I had no clue what was inside the book except for the concept. Imagine our surprise when we received this book just after returning from Sikkim! It was like re-visiting our memories of the mountains we had just visited. How? (see pics) the snow clad mountains (Zero Point), the Yaks, the flower valley (Yumthang valley), Teesta river, the monks and the monastery, the pine trees, the flags of monks on the mountains, the tea leaves plucker with her basket…. woohoo! Couldn’t have asked for more!

A must have book!

Book review contributed by Shital Choudhary
Chief Reviewer at
Children’s Book Reviews & Stories

Shital Choudhary is a passionate storyteller (a Kathalaya Alumina) and a mom to a 6 year old. Apart from power of stories in teaching concepts and values, she believes that stories can come at your rescue absolutely at any situation in your parenting journey. You can reach out to her at storywayschool [AT] She documents her book reviews, recommendations and reading out experiences at her Facebook page – Children’s Book Reviews & Stories

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