Sanskrit Mantras By A 20 Months Old (VLOG)

I have been reciting some Sanskrit mantras to my son since he was 3 months old. After bath, when I get him ready, I recite the mantras. The motive behind this exercise was to impart some positivity & stimulation of his senses. I never expected him to learn the mantras.

Two days back (he is 20 months old now), I just said a part of the mantra & he completed that particular line & I was literally happily shocked that he had learnt many of those mantras. I am sure he had learnt a lot earlier but he is able to articulate them only now.

Why Sanskrit?
It is a well known fact that the recitation of Sanskrit language improves the speech of the children. And of course there is so much positivity in these mantras.

Here is the video of Sanskrit Mantras recited by my 20 months old son.

Vakratund Mahakaay
Gayatri Mantra
Tvamev Mata

Children absorb so much from their environment, we cannot even comprehend. So let us give them a rich environment which stimulates their senses, give them exposure to lot of things. You never know when they surprise you. Kids are a total surprise package!

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