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Have you been eyeing upon expensive international brand toys for your kids & not able to justify a purchase because they are so expensive? Are you planning to buy new toys for your kids & thinking how to declutter the old ones? Are you a kind of parent who is constantly on a look out for sustainability, even when it comes to toys? Then this Online Toy Library Rentoys is the answer for you! And if the collection of this library was not awesome enough, I am sharing with you an irresistible deal for your subscriptions that you can order from Rentoys! Also in this post is my reviews on two subscription boxes that I have ordered till now from this toy library.

I recently discovered this awesome toy library Rentoys that has some really beautiful, engaging, expensive, international brands’ toys for kids that they RENT out. I absolutely fell in love with their collection!!! I had wanted to buy so many of those toys but they are so expensive & hence I could not justify buying for personal use.

Till now I have ordered 2 subscription boxes from them & absolutely loved both the boxes. Currently my third box is in transit & I cannot wait to open the box!!!

And guess what!?! I have An Irresistible Offer
You can get 15% OFF + 40% cashback on your first Rentoys box if you use this coupon code “KJUNCTION” , without quotes & all caps.

Visit today & start adding your favorite toys into your wishlist!

Video Reviews Of Subscription Boxes

Box #1

Box #2

Need More Reasons Why To Go For Rentoys?

  • The excitement of a new toy box arriving every month gives me a high as a mom, lol! A child will certainly be thrilled!
  • Smart educational toys are very costly and can go for ₹5000+ a piece. Now, parents may not feel the heat if buying toys were a one-time expense. However, this is hardly the case.
  • Renting a toy saves money! Rentoys has almost all the toys that are super expensive otherwise from brands mentioned below & not affordable for middle class families like mine. 
  • Decluttering is done on the go! You do not tend to store the toys that are no more relevant to the child. You save a lot of storage space!
  • Sustainability issues are addressed. The toys are reused by so many children. We leave lesser carbon footprint on Mother Earth.
  • The collection of toys is just amazing! The variety, quality, brands everything is superb! Spoilt for choice! 
  • Customer service is amazing! I had some issue with adding toys to my wishlist & they were super quick to revert! They even called me saying one toy from the three toys that I chose, will be available after two days so they are sending the available two toys right away & will send the third one after two days. I mean why would someone call me up for this, but they did! This shows their commitment & service for the customers!

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More About Rentoys

Rentoys is a toy rental service focusing on educational and award-winning toys. We deliver and pickup toys from your doorsteps, anywhere in India.

Rentoys is founded by parents having years of experience of managing kids. Been there, done that. They understand how children’s early experiences – the bonds they form with their parents and their first learning experiences – deeply affect their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. This is why they are on a mission to help parents optimize their investments in the early years of children’s lives to ensure children’s future success.

All the toys at Rentoys are selected keeping in mind what they call “open-endedness” which they measure by asking questions such as in how many ways the toy can be played with, is there any rule book, and does the toy force the kids to think/create on his/her own.

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Check out their toys collection HERE. They deliver all over India. Do not forget to use the coupon code I shared above in this post to avail the discount!

Confused about their working? Click HERE to know how it works. And your FAQs are answered HERE.

Subscription Box Pricing

It starts with Rs 599 per month where you get premium educational toys worth at least Rs 5000 in a box! There are other plans as well, you can visit the pricing page HERE for all the details. If you are concerned about damage of toys from the library, THIS link might answer your questions. 

You MUST read this wonderful article that explains why Rentoys is into toy renting business!

Do let me know in comments below what all you have ordered from Rentoys, I would love to know!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post but the views shared are honest and solely mine. I believe in using the products/service myself before putting up the review or opinion about them here.

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Hope to see you around. Happy Parenting!

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