Positive Effects of Music on the Unborn Foetus – My Experience

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase & it needs to be enjoyed to the fullest. We need to nurture ourselves as well as the foetus. It can be done in many ways, a very important tool being music. It is scientifically proven how music helps to heal & soothe an individual. Music is a therapy in itself. It achieves miraculous results for hormonal health. The foetus is no different. By third or fourth month of pregnancy, the foetus is able to hear the outside sounds. It is the right time to start exposing it to beautiful sounds & music.

Being a singer myself, I heard a lot of music during my pregnancy. It varied from Indian classical to Western classical to instrumentals to spiritual to Bollywood classics. And I cannot tell you enough about the positive effects it has had on my son.

My experience has been featured on BabyChakra. Click HERE to read more on this & to get links & pointers for good music that you can play to your foetus as well as to your baby after birth.

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