Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum (Mumbai) – New Nordic School – The Future Of Learning

Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum (Mumbai) – New Nordic School – The Future Of Learning

PODAR JUMBO KIDS PLATINUM is a preschool that is now open in Mumbai in Association with Nordic Baccalaureate. New Nordic School is transforming current systems of education. Their pre-K through 12 educational concept empowers all students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions, and shape their own future. They apply the renowned Finnish curriculum integrated with best pedagogical practices from around the world to create a personalized, multi-age, and strength-based system, the Nordic Baccalaureate. Read the media announcement HERE.



We live in a world where the future is unknown. This system prepares young children for a world that requires them to be creative, innovative, adaptable, and collaborative problem solvers, with excellent communication skills. They believe that no one should be judged in any given moment; every child has potential. They encourage and support them to share their learning not through standardized tests but through evidence of authentic, enduring understanding. Read more HERE.


Exploration Stage

Learning is a lifelong journey in a world where every stone can be a diamond. Early Years education is the beginning, where kids take the first steps and prepare for that journey. Learning is an adventure, an exploration. The Podar Jumbo Kids Platinum – Nordic Baccalaureate’s Exploration Stage is about setting sail – it’s a Launchpad for a lifetime adventure of learning, building an explorer’s mindset, skills, confidence, and determination. Some USPs of this school are –

  • Empowers students
  • Learning through play
  • Mindfulness aspect integrated into the curriculum
  • Imparts 21st century skills for life
  • International curriculum integrating local cultures
  • Personalized education
  • Technology platform

Areas Of Learning

Exploration comprises five areas of learning, which contribute to the stage’s mission:

  • Expressing myself – emotional development & self expression
  • Me & my community – social development
  • My growth & development – physical, cognitive & adaptive development
  • Exploring my environment – builds on child’s natural curiosity
  • Language, literacy & numeracy – speaking, listening, interacting, reading & writing

Core Competencies & Learning Skills

  • Learning to learn
  • Managing daily life
  • Cultural competence
  • Multi-literacy
  • Communication
  • Work & entrepreneurship
  • Building a sustainable future

Personalized Learning

  • Student child ratio 8:1
  • Utilizing teacher observations of learning
  • Dynamic grouping
  • Appropriate learning pathways
  • Stronger student-teacher relationships

Prepared Learning Environment

  • Didactic (self correcting materials)
  • Organized
  • Accessibility
  • Enhances autonomy & independence
  • True creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Time saving

Multi-Age Learning

  • Reflection of real life environments
  • Encourages collaboration & support
  • Peer teaching & learning
  • More open mindedness & comfort
  • Reduces bullying

Importance of Play & Mindfulness

Conscious mindfulness reduces stress levels, increases  focus in learning, increases learning potential, and helps eliminate bullying. Rather than fighting  for children’s attention, mindfulness gives teachers the means to guide children to be present in the moment.

Parent Engagement

  • Access to individual student performance data
  • Student attendance alerts to parents
  • Real time updates of pictures and other entries.
  • Individual education planners that allow parents to see goals and monitor achievements of  their children
  • Orientation and training for parents on curriculum, instruction, assessment, and school  policies
  • Regular Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings

Transition to Primary

Curricular PJK Platinum CBSE IB
Holistic development
Daily life core competencies Partial Partial
Adaptive, Social, Cognitive and  Emotional development Partial  
Parent and community involvement
Importance to self-evaluation and reflection  
Collaborative school improvement  
Teacher autonomy and empowerment  
Technology aided teaching and assessments    
Recommended student-teacher ratio 08:01 40:01:00 20:01

Technology Platform

At Exploration Stage, they utilize Kindiedays technology platform to ensure personalized learning and connect teachers with families.  It is also used to track and assess children on a day to day basis.

Hope you found this blog useful. You can follow their Facebook Page HERE. I suggest all the parents to visit the school personally & see whether any particular suits the family vision of education. Every family has a different perspective when it comes to education.

Disclaimer – This is an informative post to help parents in Mumbai to make an informed choice. Any decision on the school choice is therefore strictly at the parents’ own discretion & risk. We do not have any responsibility arising over any claim from this review post.


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