Palmer’s India Products Review

Being a Momstar has its own perks 😉 I received this Palmer’s hamper from Babychakra to review.

Here is my quick review of these products. The detailed description of these products can be found on the Amazon links shared below. You can also buy these products from Babychakra HERE.

The baby wash is superb. I used it when I was traveling & it worked like a charm. Nothing harsh, very mildly fragranced and it can be used as a shampoo too. It left my toddler’s skin & hair soft.

I loved the cocoa butter stretch marks cream a lot. I am 2 years postpartum so not sure those remaning stretch marks that I have will even go away now but the cream in itself if so mild & gets absorbed super quickly into the skin. The smell is so so good & pure, I love coffee so I had to love its smell.  

I have not used the baby bottom cream because we have passed the stage of diaper rashes, my son is toilet trained now 🙂 But the description on the cover of the product looks good!

The skin therapy oil is awesome too! It is absolutely non-greasy & immensely moisturizing.  

All in all, the quality of the products is very good. I would certainly recommend them.

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