Painting Space Nebula Using Soft Pastels – Art Tutorial For Kids

Ever wondered to introduce a new art medium to your kids other than crayons, water colors, acrylics etc? Here is a quick tutorial on painting a Nebula in space using Soft Pastels for kids. 

We do a lot of arts in our Homeschool! We have a Montessori Inspired arts corner set up for my 3 year old and he is free to access any art supplies.

We do unstructured as well as guided/structured art and the pics of our artworks are spread all over my phone. Not every art activity go on to this blog. You might see many art posts on my Instagram & Facebook accounts.

This is our latest guided art work using soft pastels from Kokuyo Camlin. We tried to recreate a nebula from Natgeo book of space for kids. 

Here are our resources that we used in this project – 

Soft Pastels, Natgeo Book of Space, Black Paper, Sponge for smudging, White Acrylic Paint, Old Tooth Brush. You can go for any of the variants of soft pastels as mentioned below. It is suggested to use a fixative spray on top of your soft pastels art work so that it remains intact. 

My son chose this picture to paint. 

This is our first attempt using soft pastels. We got inspiration of such artwork from @acraftedchildhood on Instagram. Thanks momma!

My 3 year old son basically used soft pastels on a black chart paper as per the colors seen in the nebula. He did couple of layers.

This is what it looked after a bunch of colors he did.

Then he smudged the colors using sponge when done.

He again layered with red soft pastel with its entire length on to the paper to get a wider & smooth stroke.

And then he sprayed white acrylic paint to recreate stars.

Here is the final version.

How do you like it? Hubby said the painting looks better than the original image, yes he is biased because it’s done by our son!

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