Observe – Meditate – Follow Your Intuitions – Work Of A Parent – Quote By Rudolf Steiner – Waldorf

Rudolf Steiner’s advice to the first Waldorf kindergarten teacher in the early 1920s was these lines in this poster!

Observe the children.
Actively meditate.
Follow your intuitions.
Work so that all your actions are worthy of imitation.

This is a great reminder for me, that I would like to revisit every single day! Amidst all the daily routines, episodes of highs & lows, instances of handling tantrums of a toddler, if there is something superlative I can do for my toddler, it is to be mindful, and follow these beautiful lines, and then everything will fall into place in the long term.
It is okay if some day I am not able to do anything productive with my child, it is okay if some day me & my child just laze around in the bed together, it is okay if some day he is not learning anything new, it is okay be slow, kind & calm to yourself, so that you echo & reflect the same to your child. 
Because at the end of the day, we need happier & calmer individuals in the future, more than learned & intellectual ones. Learnings will automatically follow 🙂

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