My Routine With My 17 Months Old Toddler

One of my mommy friends asked me what is my routine with my 17 months old A. I thought a blog post answer would be better so that many other moms might benefit from it. This is a very broad level routine, it changes here & there almost every other day 😉

8.30 am or 9 am – A wakes up. He breast feeds if he wants to after waking up. Immediately, I remove his night diaper & make him on potty seat. Usually I’m lucky. Then I give him bath & get him ready.
He plays around freely with his vehicles or blocks or Montessori shelf or ride on car or balls etc. Or if he wants me to read books, I do so. He is crazy for books. If he wants me to read to him & I’m busy in something else, he will make sure I leave everything else & attend him. Many times he involves me in his play. I offer him breakfast that I eat, like poha or upma or vermicelli or dosa etc. He usually doesn’t eat much but happily gulps down some cow’s milk. All day long, I take him to the loo every 30-40 minutes. We are toilet training!
12 noon – my domestic help/babysitter arrives & she plays with A for some time, though he needs mumma in front of him all the time. She feeds him lunch at around 12.30 pm. If I’m lucky, I steal around 30 minutes to do tasks on laptop. A is super mobile now & follows me everywhere  so I rarely can do anything alone & with concentration 😀
1.30 pm or 2 pm – A takes his nap, I nurse & pat him to sleep. Then I eat my lunch, do household chores, some social networking etc. Then depending on my mood & capability, I either read or prepare early learning activities for him or do some music or remaining chores. If I’m tired, I sleep too. If I’m lucky he sleeps at a stretch for an hour without demanding breastmilk. If he demands, he feeds & goes back to sleep too. Usually he naps for around 2 hours.
4 pm – A wakes up, breastfeeds compulsorily. Again I take him toilet just after waking up. We play together from whatever he wants or read books or gaze out from balcony. I offer him evening snacks, mainly fruits & cow’s milk.
6 pm – outdoor time. We go to society garden downstairs. He enjoys outdoors a lot. We recognize logos of cars, see cats & dogs, spot the moon, play with ride ons, play in the rains etc. Approximately in an hour or so, we come back home. He breastfeeds if in a mood.
7 pm – Again we play together or read together.
8.30 pm – A’s dad returns from office. They play & I cook dinner. We all have dinner in sometime & that’s the only time the TV is on for 30 minutes. No screen time other than this for A, except for 5 minutes laptop screen time for an educational CD. A plays freely after dinner with whatever he likes, mainly vehicles, boys & vehicles have some inbuilt bonding 😉
10 pm – I give him cow’s milk so that his tummy is full before he sleeps. Finally he goes to bed at around 11 pm. I know it’s late but he doesn’t leave his dad & wants to play play & play with him. I drag him to bed literally 🙂 After that, it’s my me-time. I read, do social networking or write the blog posts. Before I sleep, I give Reiki to A & myself.
So that’s how our routine looks like these days! Do let me know what works & what not in your case 🙂

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