Montessori Principles That Work For Us – A Montessori Toddler Reader In Action – 25 Months (VLOG)

I have been following Montessori principles with my son since he was 7-8 months old. And every day I thank my stars that I stumbled upon this philosophy. Here in this video, I share yet another beautiful moment my son gave me. He loves to read. Check out the video to see how independent he has become at 25 months 🙂 I have also briefly mentioned in this video what Montessori principles work for us!

You know you have done something right when on his own (while momma is working in the kitchen), this toddler goes to the kitchen, grabs a breakable glass, gets himself some water from the matka, drinks it, goes to the bedroom with the glass in hand, puts it down on the floor carefully, grabs a book from his bookshelf & starts reading to himself. All this with absolutely no adult prompt.

The independence, confidence & life skills that he is gathering melts me every single day …

I again thank my stars that I stumbled upon the Montessori philosophy & that I am able to implement it more or less at home.

I hope to write a separate post or a Youtube video on elaborating the Montessori principles mentioned in the video above. So please do not forget to subscribe to this blog & my YouTube channel 🙂

Happy Parenting!

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