Montessori – Practical Life Exercise For Toddlers – Line Drying Clothes – VLOG

I have been following Montessori principles with my son since he was 7-8 months old. And every day I thank my stars that I stumbled upon this philosophy. Here in this video, I share yet another beautiful moment my son gave me. He is 25 months old in this video. Suddenly he wanted to line dry, couple of hand towels & then also put the clothespin over them. I let him do it & only when he asked for help, I helped him.

Practical life skills form a very important part of Montessori principles & curriculum. They help children develop order, concentration, coordination, and independence – skills which help in all learning. This particular activity of line drying clothes is a great life skill to learn. Putting clothespin is an inexpensive fine motor activity. Doing real work gives the child a great sense of satisfaction & confidence.

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