Montessori Flower Arrangement – Practical Life Activity – 23 Months Old (VLOG)

One of our Valentine’s Day activities, that I had been wishing to do for long – Montessori Flower Arrangement. Not strictly as per Montessori but still we loved it 🙂

I did not have a flower vase handy, so I used a water bottle. Montessori does not need to be expensive always! You can work with what items you have at home.

Sequence of the activity – 

  1. pour water from a pitcher to the vase
  2. remove leaves from the stem
  3. insert flowers in the vase
  4. if the length of the stem is too much, use scissors to cut it to appropriate length
  5. Wipe off water spills if any

It is a great way to teach care for surroundings to toddlers, a wonderful fine motor & practical life skill. And it serves as an introduction to botany – what is a stem, petal, leaf etc. A great vocabulary builder – learning flower names. And a sensory activity, smelling the flowers, not to forget. By the way, I went to the florist shop along with my son & he loved the experience. He socialized with the florist, got to know who is a florist. He asked names of all the flowers from the florist. He gave money to the florist while we bought the flowers. There is learning happening everywhere & everytime!

I have lost count of the reasons, why I love Montessori 🙂

Watch my almost 2 year old son in action in this video!


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