Montessori Bead Stairs – Math Exercise For Preschoolers

Montessori Bead Stairs is a standard Montessori math material in a 3-6 years Montessori classroom (House of Children). Let us see how it is used for learning numbers & how my 3 year old boy used it.

This activity helps the child learn to associate the quantities 1 through 9 with their numerals. It also introduces the child to the material used in the Teens Beads, the Teens Board, the Short Chains, the Long Chains, Addition With Bead Bars, Subtraction With Bead Bars, and Multiplication With Bead Bars.


The bead stair consists of 9 segments of wire strung with one to nine beads. Every number of beads is done in a different color: 1-red, 2-green, 3-peach, 4-yellow, 5-light blue, 6-lavender, 7-white, 8-brown, 9-dark blue. The beads should be as spherical as possible so that they are equally wide as long.

You can check out the detailed presentation of this material HERE.

Ideally the end product would look something like this & the control of error is creating the triangle.

Bead Stair 10.JPG
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But this is what my 3 year old boy did independently. We follow Montessori at home so I am not strictly concerned about the correct formation of the triangle as far as he is getting the concept right.

Material Sources


The wooden digits are from this kit

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