Learning Through Multiple Senses – A Delightfully Shocking Example

I’m delightfully shocked!
We had played with this world map foam puzzle (got it from Creative Express) when he was may be 17 or 18 months old. This was after a lot of simple matching activities that he showed interest in & did beautifully starting from 13 months. He would ask what every piece is & I used to tell him names of the continents. That was it. He had not even started speaking words back then.
Never did I show him a globe. Or any kind of spherical manifestation of the world map.
He turns 20 months today.
Today he was playing with this inflatable ball, he threw it on the floor, Australia faced him, he bent over the ball & with a eureka expression, he said ‘Australia Australia’!
And I was shocked, literally!
It’s not about teaching continents at this age. I know it will be rote learning. Neither am I interested in memorizing him names of the continents.
I am amazed, how a hands-on learning approach is so powerful. How a child learns & absorbs if more than one sense is involved. How a child can map a flat surface shape to the same shape on a sphere. How they make so awesome connections in their brains.
This is the reason why I love miniatures & figurines too.

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