Janmashtami (Krishna) Theme Montessori Inspired Activities For Kids (VLOG)

Here are some quick to set-up Montessori inspired fun educational activities & crafts for kids for this beautiful festival of India – Janmashtami that marks the birth of Lord Krishna. 

After watching my social media news feed full of little Krishnas & Radhas, in the afternoon, I quickly brainstormed within myself & came up with some ideas for Montessori inspired activities based on Janmashtami theme from whatever stuff I had at home. After that, collecting the materials from all over the house & arranging them was just a matter of an hour or so, and I did this when A was taking his afternoon nap. The activities basically weave together the traditions, stories & rituals of Janmashtami, and also provide opportunities for the toddlers to practice their skills in different areas. 

All we did were we made some beautiful memories! Trust me, we had lots of fun! I hope I was able to offer my son some insights about this festival & Lord Krishna with these activities. Here is the video that explains all the activities.

This set of activities was also featured on Baby Chakra, so if you are not a video person, you can see some pictures & details HERE.

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Hope to see you around. Happy Parenting!

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