How To Make Toran With Leaves – Montessori Inspired Activities For Kids For Dussehra

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Dussehra is here & I love to involve my preschooler in the festivities in a hands-on Montessori inspired way. If you are looking for activity to do with your child this Dussehra, this post is for you. I will also share some more activities in the coming days that you can try out. Traditionally we make toran out of Mango leaves & hang it on our main door. Check out how your child can make a toran step by step. This is a great practical life activity, enhances fine motor skills and is engaging too!

First we went out to our society garden to hunt a mango tree. We found it but I could not reach the leaves. So I offered my son to settle with Ashoka tree leaves & he agreed. I got a branch from that tree. 
Here my son is plucking out leaves from the branch. It is a fine motor activity. It is not easy for a preschooler to do this exercise 🙂
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Then I gave him a punching machine and showed him how to punch a hole in a leaf. He found it a little difficult to hold a leaf in one hand & press the punching machine using another hand because the machine was a little hard to press. So I held the leaves for him in between the punching machine & he pressed & punched the leaves one by one. Punching is again a fine motor practical life activity.

Then he laced the leaves into a fancy thread one by one. Again a fine motor activity.
He was so happy to make a toran finally 🙂 he held it with pride!
He insisted to put the toran on our main door. Since the length of the toran was not enough, I just taped it on our main safety door at a low height 🙂 He helped me cut the tape using scissors. Using a scissor is a great prewriting activity and he is loving using scissors these days!
So here is our toran made by my 2 year old son!
Do share what activities you did with your child this Dussehra!

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