How To Make Ecofriendly Natural Homemade Holi Colors With Kids

naturally eco friendly holi colors at home

Are you looking for a super simple recipe on how to make natural ecofriendly holi colors at home this year? Check out this tutorial where I tell you how to do that with kids from your kitchen ingredients. This year, let us play Holi with natural colors & refuse synthetic toxic colors!

Holi is a festival of colors & being a North Indian, I have enjoyed this festival immensely all these years. But in the recent past, I have become more aware towards nature & I really hate to see artificial synthetic toxic colors being used to smear each other. The water & soil are being polluted in the name of the festival & our skin and bodies are prone to so many issues if we use these colors. 

Last year, my son was 2 & I gave him plain simple water with a pichkari to play Holi with his friends. I also made a simple mixture of flour & turmeric to make yellow natural Holi color. This year I decided to make some more natural colors with my son.

So here are few eco friendly, natural homemade Holi Powder recipes that can be safely used for kids too.

Using Rice Flour & Food Grade Colors

Watch this video below to see my 3 year old son making his own natural Holi colors (dry Gulaal). All you need is rice flour, water & food grade colors. Instead of food grade colors, you can also use turmeric for yellow, beetroot for red & spinach for green. 

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Using Real Flowers 

You can sun dry rose or hibiscus for dry red color, tesu for dry saffron color, grind them & mix some flour to make the consistency nicer.

You can boil marigold flower in water for wet yellow color.

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Using Leaves/Vegetables

You can mix turmeric powder with any flour to make dry yellow color

You can mix heena powder with any flour to make dry green color

You can boil pieces of beetroot in water and strain the water for wet purple/maroon color

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Do you have any more ideas, suggestions or recipes to make natural Holi colors? I would love to know! Please share with me in comments below.

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Hope to see you around. Happy Parenting!

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