How To Introduce Continents Of The World To Kids – Geography (VLOG)

Are you looking to introduce some geography to your toddlers? Check out this wonderful world map foam puzzle where your kid can learn about continents in a hands-on, Montessori inspired & play way method. 

We started this puzzle as a pattern matching & visual discrimination activity. He continued to ask what is what, and that is how he learnt the names of the seven continents. The emphasis here is not on memorization of continent names. It is easy at this stage when the child is imitating & reproducing anything exposed to them. It can be an item song or a nursery rhyme or continent names. But this serves as a starter for introducing geography to kids – world, continents, countries etc. My son is 23 months in this video.

I supplemented this activity with the following storyline for my toddler –

We live in our house. And our house is in a society named XYZ. He knows this for a fact. Then I extended this concept from known to unknown – what he knows is house & society. I told him there are so many societies like ours in our area & the area’s name is ABC. Similarly there are so many such areas in a city & we live in Pune city. I expanded this concept till the level of continents & world.

It is still kind of abstract for him but I am guessing he will get the concept soon. Also, he had been asking a lot these days, where did that uncle aunty come from, where do they live, I want to go there, we will go by car, train etc etc. So I picked up these cues by him to expand more on this concept.

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