Gratitude Post – 18 Days Of Christmas-ness

I am feeling so happy, content & grateful at this moment today!
I am finally done with publishing all the articles of my 18 days of christmasness series! It was a long but interesting project that challenged me on many fronts like creativity, time management, writing skills, photography & editing skills apart from coming up with 18 different activities that covered all the skills areas #Montessori suggests like #finemotor #grossmotor #sensory #language #culture #practicallife #music #Maths #Logic #science #arts #freeplay . I am happy with what I could do with more than 15 days of travel on & off whole of December. The series started on 15 December when I was travelling. I had submitted 11 articles to babychakra before I started my travel & schedule-posted them on my blog also. After coming back, I again got back to creating the activities & writing the remaining articles amidst unpacking, tons of laundry & entertaining my toddler 🙂
If you have liked even a single activity in the series, please give me a thumbs up here 🙂 That will make my day!
For those, who are new here, THIS is the landing page of my 18 days kids activity series.
I thank babychakra for this awesome association.

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