Ganesha Theme Montessori Inspired Activities For Toddlers

The Ganesh festival is an elaborate 10 day affair and celebrated very fondly in Maharashtra. Families bring home Ganesha’s idol, decorate their house and perform the rituals before finally immersing the lovable God. Since the whole festival is filled with fun and celebrations, it’s no surprise that kids somehow have a special affinity towards Ganesha! They even instantly fall in love with Him, maybe because they find his appearance friendly & inviting?

Likewise, my 18 months old son is very fond of elephants, so much so that he even calls it ‘ant’! Around Independence Day last month, I introduced him to some Gods that are worshipped in India, and Ganesha was one of them. He instantly fell in love with Him. So this Ganesh Chaturthi, I thought it would be a great idea to set up some Ganesha themed Montessori Inspired activities for kids his age. 
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My activities were featured on BabyChakra. Click HERE to have a look!

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