Facebook Live Chat/Session on Energy Healing By Kuhoo Gupta – Video Replay (VLOG)

As a Yoga practitioner, Reiki practitioner, Crystal healer, I was invited by World Of Moms, a venture by FirstCry.com, to talk about Energy Healing.

Here is my Facebook LIVE video replay on ENERGY HEALING, that I did on WorldOfMoms page. The Reiki & Yoga practitioner and Crystal Healer in me, spoke for an hour. It was a great experience.

I have talked about –
What is energy healing
What are 7 main chakras in our body
What are the physical & non-physical functions of these chakras
How you can balance/heal your chakras using different modalities

And then a whole bunch of answers to questions by the live viewers about their experiences, issues & ailments & how energy healing can benefit them & how to go about it.

I am sure you would find something beneficial for your case in this video. Please share if you think it will benefit your friends/family.

Happy Healing 🙂

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