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We, at THE K JUNCTION, realize the importance of reading aloud to kids – starting from newborn phase to toddlerhood & beyond. We are excited to roll out an EXCLUSIVE 10% discount offer on kids preloved imported books & all major Indian publisher books that are available at this awesome webstore called THE BOOKMARK. The discount code is available in our closed group here www.facebook.com/groups/thekjunction and it expires on 15 MARCH 2017. So join my group right away & grab the books with this irresistable offer from THE BOOKMARK. Please note that you have to sign in to their website http://thebookmark.in/ to be able to use this discount code. 
Now you can, rather you SHOULD, go on & read the details below 🙂 
Here is what Swathi, Founder @ THE BOOKMARK has to say –
Reading to children, even before they can understand words, teaches them to associate books with love and affection. There are so many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all. BOOKMARK is a complete bookstore for kids of all age groups, where the books are available at unbelievable prices and will be cheaper than any other stores without compromising on the quality. LET US SPREAD THE JOY OF READING. Shop without draining your pockets. “There is more treasure in books, than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”-Walt Disney. 
Join THE BOOKMARK facebook group today – https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebookmark4kids/
Brand New Website – http://thebookmark.in/
Here is my own short & simple story – 
Books have been our best friends since my son was in my womb. I used to read a lot of spiritual books when I was pregnant. I would sometimes read him Panchatantra stories too back then. After he was born, once I got settled in some kind of a routine, I or any family member would read aloud books to my son. He seemed to enjoy a lot 🙂 It was when my son was 3 months, I came across the concept of preloved imported books, those were sold for much less than the MRP. There was no need to browse Amazon or Flipkart for the international bestsellers & US/UK publisher books & make a huge hole in the pocket. Preloved books were much more affordable. Then I got to know many of the Indian publishers as well, for kids’ books. They are equally good, sometimes better because the illustrations, storyline, characters in Indian publishers’ books were very relatable. THE BOOKMARK has been operating through their facebook group for long & I myself am a happy customer of THE BOOKMARK. Recently, they have launched their beautiful website & this offer is to celebrate the website launch.
So what are you waiting for? Browse away their wonderful collection & build a mini library for your child! Gift him/her the treasure & love for books 🙂

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