CVC Word & Image Match – Free Worksheet – Kindergarten Phonics Activity

Young kids are in a sensitive period of language & this worksheet can give you an idea how you can help in language, reading & comprehension skills of your kindergartner. If your child knows the letters by their phonetic sounds, then this activity is for you. Today, we are featuring a FREE image-word matching worksheet / printable for kindergartners, which is powered by

ACTIVITY – Match the image to word & make CVC words

Download this FREE matching worksheet from HERE. There is a sample worksheet with answers marked for your reference, you can download it from HERE.

In the worksheet, there are simple CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words on the left. They all follow the rules of phonics. On the right, there are corresponding images jumbled up. The activity is to match them – this can be done using a pencil or crayon. If you want to reuse the same worksheet again, you can laminate it or put it inside a plastic leaflet and use dry erase marker to match it with lines.

You can also use this worksheet to help your child make CVC words using moveable alphabets (Montessori material) or simple magnetic or wooden letter cutouts by copying the words written on the worksheet. It is a wonderful way to practice spellings.


Kindergartners (4 Years +)


Reading, Comprehension, Phonics, Language


  • Card stock or paper to print the worksheet
  • Laminator or plastic leaflet (optional)
  • Pencil / crayons / dry erase marker


  1. Take printout of the worksheet. You can laminate it for multiple use and/or durability.
  2. If your kindergartner is able to recognize letters by their sounds, you can start teaching him simple CVC blends using the words in this worksheet.
  3. If your child is able to make simple blends for CVC words, ask him to match the image to the corresponding word. He can use a pencil, crayon or dry erase marker for laminated sheets.
  4. Once he is thorough with this exercise, you can give him moveable alphabets or letter cutouts or magnetic letters to form spellings that are mentioned in the worksheet. This is a great way to practice spellings in a hands-on Montessori inspired way. 

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