Chakra Healing – 10 Days Online Workshop

Chakra Healing – 10 Days Online Workshop

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In this interactive online Whatsapp based workshop (CHAKRA HEALING) by expert energy healer Kuhoo Gupta, you will unlock the full potential of your chakra system for complete health & restoration.

Through this 10 days online transformational workshop, hundreds of individuals have started their self healing journey & are working towards their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellness. Do you want to be one of them?


You should attend this workshop –

  • If you feel stuck and unmotivated in your life or frustrated with your relationships and finances
  • If you are facing any chronic or occasional physical, mental or emotional health issues
  • If you want to learn what is holding you back from being the best version of yourself
  • If you want to live life on your terms
  • If you feel powerless to create the life you want
  • If you struggle with being overweight or underweight

It could be that your chakras are out of balance. CHAKRA HEALING is the traditional wisdom of healing the energy imbalances in your body that can show up in your life in the form of negative patterns like physical ailments, life problems, mental & emotional issues.

This workshop will help you to understand what is holding you back from living your life at the highest potential and how to create a joyful, healthy and abundant life.


Honestly, it is only YOU who can decide the possibility & the extent of takeaway from this workshop. And trust me, every person will have a different takeaway from this workshop, such is the beauty & dynamics of energy work. And the effects of your inner work during these 10 days will be also seen in the months to come.

But to list them down, in these 10 days completely online workshop, you will learn –

  • Basics of energy & chakras
  • Breath introspection to bring awareness into the subtle body
  • Theory of the chakra system and explanation of physical & non-physical characteristics they govern
  • Knowledge of various healing modalities to balance & heal the chakras
  • You will be able to detect which chakra is imbalanced if you see any ailment in the future & then heal that chakra using the modalities taught in the workshop
  • Creative & powerful 8 guided chakra meditations
  • PHYSICAL BENEFITS like strength, energy, weight management, pain management & starting the healing journey for chronic health issues
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFITS like confidence, motivation, self esteem, clarity in life, stress management etc
  • SPIRITUAL BENEFITS like connection to the divine, increase in awareness & consciousness, wisdom, discipline etc
  • EMOTIONAL BENEFITS like emotional balance, empathy, reduction in anxiety & depression, peace & harmony between mind, body & soul.

You will do a detailed introspection & listing of your issues that you want to work upon – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual issues & start working on them under your instructor’s guidance.


  • There will be a private whatsapp group where the workshop will be conducted. Link to this group will be sent to you over (automated) email once you register for the workshop. If you do not find the email in your inbox, please hunt in the spam or promotions folder and make sure to add in your address book.
  • Do not worry if you do not see the email anywhere in your inbox. One day prior to the scheduled date of start of the workshop, I will send out sms to the registered participants with the whatsapp group invite link. You need to add yourself to that private whatsapp group.
  • Then everyday, I will share some content on the this group related to the topic of the day. It can be text or audio or video or a combination. You have to go through the content at your end, any time of the day, when ever you are free. I will also share an exercise to do at your end that you will have to do every day, for example a short guided meditation or introspection writing exercise etc.
  • You can post your questions or comments or experiences any time of the day on the whatsapp group. I will comment on them / answer them (provided they are in the scope of this workshop) as & when I get time during the day.
  • This whatsapp group will be a NO SPAM group with no forward messages AT ALL.
  • This whatsapp group will be a sacred space for all the participants for the duration of the workshop & no one will judge the participants here for whatever they share.
  • There will be a lot of sharing & introspection during the workshop because it is an important part of healing, understanding, evolution, realizations & unlearning. I will of course be there to guide you through this whole process & suggest ways to heal yourself.
  • If you ask – What if I miss going through the content for a day or two? Or if I am unable to do the daily exercise for some days? My answer is – It is okay & understandable. Please try to catch up the next day when you find time. The workshop is self paced & is for you & your inner work.


You will be expected to go through a short write-up or audio or video every day and some introspection of yourself. And then a short experiential exercise of around 15-20 minutes daily to do at your end independently. So total of about 40 minutes a day is all you need!

You can consume the content when you get time during the day and post your questions or share your experiences on the whatsapp group.

So even if you are traveling or working through the day or have kids, you can still attend it assuming you can spare the above mentioned time at any time of the day.


  • Life-time access to 8 creative guided meditations to heal your chakras, worth more than 1000Rs
  • You can ask questions on the daily topics any time of the day. I will personally answer each & every query which is in the scope of this workshop
  • You can read articles on parenting, early childhood education, alternative learning & much more on the blog HERE.
  • You can read and share parenting stories or anything related to parenting in the insider community on Facebook HERE. Go ahead & join The K Junction tribe HERE.


  • Beginners with even no meditation experience can attend this workshop
  • Because you can access the content anywhere anytime in the duration of the workshop
  • You can attend the workshop from anywhere in the world as long as you have an active internet connection & whatsapp access.
  • All you need is just 40 minutes of your time any time of the day every day for the duration of the workshop
  • The content will be hosted online and you will be able to access it from your mobile or laptop anytime in the duration of the workshop.
  • You get community support & motivation from fellow participants
  • You get to ask questions directly to the instructor & get your concepts clear


Hundreds of people have taken this online workshop from various parts of the world! Check out some of the reviews below.


So what are you waiting for?

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