Cloud Meditation For Kids & Adults – Healing & Relaxation

Cloud Meditation For Kids & Adults – Healing & Relaxation

Let us revisit this very old and popular form of meditation that will give you healing and relaxation – CLOUD MEDITATION. This is a great tool to develop mindfulness and it can be practiced by kids and adults alike anywhere anytime, provided you can spot a cloud in the sky.

With monsoon everywhere in the country, lets practice this meditation when it is cloudy.

Its a simple meditation popularly known as “Cloud Meditation”.
You can do this even when it’s raining.
Follow these steps:

  1. The first thing you need to do is find a quiet place outside, away from people, where you will not be disturbed by anything. This could be in a park, on a hill, or at the beach. If this is not possible, sit on your porch or by a window, where you can see the sky.
  2. If you are outside, either sit down on a rock or bench, or lie down on the grass.
  3. Ensure to look at a cloud in the opposite direction of the sun, so that you don’t look at the sun.
  4. Now slowly take few deep breaths, and then relax your body.
  5. Look at the sky for some time, choose a cloud, and fix your attention on it.
  6. Notice the color of the cloud, its shape and size.
  7. Watch the cloud, and follow it movement as it drifts in the sky.
  8. Watch how the cloud changes its shape or dissolves in the sky.
  9. Keep watching the cloud calmly, while disregarding the other clouds.
  10. Just watch the cloud, without thinking about it, analyzing or commenting about what is happening. Whenever you discover that your attention has wandered away, bring it back to the cloud.
Duration for this meditation :10 minutes.
Benefits of this meditation :
It strengthens the concentration ability of mind, improves control of the attention, and increases calmness.
Let me know in the comments below your experience with this meditation.

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