Christmas Nativity Storytelling – Day 10 of 18 Days of Christmas-ness Series

This is Day 10 of “18 Days Of Christmass-ness” series, presented by The K Junction in collaboration with BabyChakra. The goal of this series is to have lots of fun & bonding with our kids & explore the festivities around us this December in the form of Christmas & New Year themed activities!

HERE is the landing page of the series if you have missed any activity in this series! 


Works on language building, memory, concentration & communication skills.

For more details on what materials to use, how to do the activity step by step, age group, tweaking the activity for younger & older kids, time required for setup, if you can replace some materials with what you already have at home & related resources – Visit my detailed post on BabyChakra 

Have you joined already?

Do come back tomorrow for Day 11 of our “18 Days Of Christmas-ness” series.

If you have additional favorite simple toddler Christmas ideas please tell me about them in the comments! I always love finding new ideas!

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