Christmas Nativity Setup For My Toddler And The Experience That Followed

This is my small & humble Christmas Nativity Scene setup 🙂 My first ever in life, for my 22 months old son! I took a big tray, covered with red cloth, spread some shredded cardboard & put figurines of Baby Jesus, Angel, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Wisemen, Animals to create the scene of a stable where Baby Jesus was born. I got these figurines from Kerala for 150 INR when we visited there for vacation.

Nativity Scene Setup
I put all his Christmas gifts around this setup at night so that when my son wakes up on 25 December 2016, he is greeted with everything here 🙂

Here are the details of the setup – 
  • Christmas tree with some decoration – I got the tree & ornaments from a local shop
  • Gifts for my 22 months old son – My son is a vehicle & book lover & these days crazy about planets! Gifts include fighter plane set, swing with Jesus Christ ( I got this from a facebook group Ionica Toys, DIY planetarium (Again this is from Ionica Toys), shoes, car, tanker, books (from Amazon) & snowflake threading toy from Skola Toys! You can see the snowflake activity post HERE. By the way, you can get an exclusive discount of 15% on ALL Skola Toys till if you use the discount code I shared on my group. Just visit my group HERE & view the pinned post to get the discount code & use it during checkout when you shop Skola Toys from their website

My #22months old has been playing with these #NativityStory figurines for the last 2 days now & loving it! Look at how he is holding, admiring & kissing baby Jesus 🙂
I had also read to him nativity story from a book few days back when we were traveling.
I was surprised, he named the characters  correctly on his own during free play & even narrated the story in his own keyword style.
Here is his version 🙂

Bethlehem, Mary Joseph, Hotel

Andhera, raat ho gayi (dark, night time)

I asked where was Jesus born?
He says mamma stable. Animals.
Shepherds, dekhbhaal (take care), sheep
Wisemen, gifts, baby Jesus

Pretty accurate a narration! My Christmas is made! 🙂
The #freeplay with #Christmas #Nativity figurines continues.
Some brand new story being weaved here 😉
My son ‘A’ talking to himself…
A : Ye kaun hai? Wisemen. Ye kaun hai? Camel. A camel pe baitha. Shepherd. Dekhbhaal. Shepherd leto. Camel leto. So jaao. (Who is this? Wisemen. Who is this? Camel. I sit on the camel. Shepherd. Take care. Shepherd lie down. Camel lie down. Go to sleep. )
Mum : ab? (Now?)
A : Subah utho. (Wake up in the morning)
Mum : Ab? (Now?)
A : Khelenge. (Will play)
Mum : Kya? (What?)
A : Chess
I always wonder how creativity fosters during free play!
I also hosted an 18 days FREE kids’ activity series on Christmas & New Year theme. If you missed it, check out HERE. My son enjoyed the activities thoroughly & my articles on the same on BabyChakra were received very well too 🙂

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